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Las Vegas Attractions New Discount Codes 2010

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Las Vegas Attractions

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The most exciting and entertaining city in the world, Las Vegas is unique. Nowhere else can you find a city with so many breathtaking attractions and fascinating activities. There are luxurious casino hotels like nothing you have seen before – a façade of a façade with lots of neon on it with all those elaborate pools, amusement park-like rides and nearby outdoor activities. There is also fine dining, wonderful live entertainment and state-of-the art convention and trade show facilities. Las Vegas is a spectacular city, incomparable to any other in the world, the place where everything is done for your pleasure.

Walking along the Strip

Vegas Attractions

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From theme parks and roller coasters to museums, Las Vegas has plenty of sights to keep visitors wide-eyed for days, offering something for everyone. And the best entertainments are right on the Strip, the heart of Las Vegas. All along the Strip, you will find shows, activities and amazing sights that make just walking along the Las Vegas Strip a very fascinating activity. This is where you will see a glowing pyramid, a gleaming huge brass lion, a volcano, a mini version of New York City, the sights of Paris and Venice and more, all in one day. But do it at night, when the lights turn it all into something magical.

Free entertainment

Las Vegas Attractions Photo

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Many of the Las Vegas hotels provide free entertainment. The best one and definitely not to be missed are the fountains of the Bellagio, which rise and fall in choreographed rhythms to tunes from Sinatra to opera during the day and part of the night. Every evening, a water and music show plays again and again in the spectacular fountains filling the quarter-mile-long lake in front of the Bellagio. This outstanding hotel also features a Conservatory exhibiting elegant, elaborate arrangements of plants and flowers in its bright, airy atrium.

Vegas Attractions Photo (2)

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If you are going to have a romance vacation, experience a little bit of Italy right in Las Vegas. Ride through the Grand Canal in an authentic Venetian gondola as you go under the bridges, pass by the cafes and more. Your gondolier can even sing a serenade for you to make the experience more romantic.

If you love cars, then the Ferrari-Maserati showroom is attraction not to be missed. Located in Wynn Las Vegas, it is the only factory-authorized Ferrari and Maserati dealership in the state of Nevada and displays more than a dozen vehicles exceeding prices of $700,000. Extremely rare and sought after, they draw thousands of people to the 10,000-square-foot showroom each day. Adjacent to the showroom is North America's first Ferrari store. The 3,500-square-foot shop offers visitors the chance to purchase any number of items emblazoned with the Ferrari logo, including coffee cups, tote bags, books and toys.

Las Vegas Attractions Hotel

See the Volcano at the Mirage ignite Las Vegas once again! Today, the volcano looks and sounds better than ever thanks to its $25 million redesign. The volcano includes two volcano systems, a lagoon and fire shooters that shoot flame on demand. These massive fireballs are capable of shooting more than 12 feet into the air. It also features waterfalls with surrounding pools including fire and smoke effects. Thanks to WET’s state- of-the-art computer system, visitors are able to watch the massive fireballs move to the rhythm. One of the most exciting highlights of the volcano is its hypnotic music, composed by Hart, the legendary Grateful Dead drummer, and Indian music composer Zakir Hussain, who worked together to create and perform a soundtrack exclusively for the volcano.

The Mirage also features one of the finest manicured habitats of the bottlenose dolphins. So seeing dolphins in the desert is a reality and watching them frolic and even toss a ball is the best attraction in Vegas.

Watch Lion Habitat at the MGM Grand. One look into the MGM Grand's lion habitat and you will be hooked. The majestic cats command adoration whether they are chasing a large ball, licking their immense paws or just lying around.

Las Vegas Rides

Vegas Attractions Photos

Many Las Vegas hotels feature theme parks and roller coasters. One entire floor of the Luxor is dedicated to entertainment of the non-gambling variety such as IMAX movies, video games and virtual reality rides. A roller coaster outside New York-New York is a dream come true for many older kids. An arcade is in the hotel, and if it is not enough, there is an even bigger one, Gameworks, across the street. M&M World and a movie theater are right across the street also.

Circus Circus Hotel Casino offers plenty of activities for teens and older kids, including a full amusement theme park in the back. As soon as you set foot in the Adventuredome, you will find yourself face to face with the park's thrilling ride, The Sling Shot that will shoot you up toward the ceiling.

Las Vegas Attractions Pictures

The ride is fast and packs a powerful punch. Adventure seekers and music lovers alike can enjoy the excitement of Disk'O, which moves at an astounding 14 rotations per minute on its 100-foot roller coaster track. Another ride you can't help but notice is the Canyon Blaster, giving riders a 90-foot-high view of the park. There is also the Rim Runner, a water ride. Wondering what's behind every turn you will travel downstream, and will finally plunge down a 60-foot drop, getting thoroughly drenched.

The Stratosphere features the tallest free-standing observation deck in the U.S. offering stunning city views. The tower is topped with the highest thrill rides in the world, a roller coaster and "Big Shot" which launches riders even higher than the 1,149 foot observation deck. You can also have a wild ride on Insanity, a ride of the midway Scrambler ilk, which is 909 feet above the ground, or X Scream, a ride that rolls you over the edge and back. Older kids who love theme park thrills might be brave enough for the three rides atop this 1,149 foot tower, including the highest roller coaster in the world.

Dining in Las Vegas

Vegas Attractions Photo

You may easily have one of the meals of your life in Las Vegas, with many of the most prominent chefs of the country attracted to this site. From Food Network favorites such as Puck and Emeril, to Jean-Georges, Julian Serrano, and more, they are considered one of the finest chefs alive.

Outdoor activities

Las Vegas Attractions Castle

Besides fabulously opulent lush hotels, Las Vegas has got access to some marvelous hiking with awe-inspiring rock formations in Red Rock Canyon. You can also have water fun on Lake Mead, enjoy breathtaking desert vistas of Valley of the Fire State Park, and marvel the engineering and architectural genius at Hoover Dam.

Art and Culture

Las Vegas Attractions Picture

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Las Vegas offers plenty of what to see for art enthusiasts as well. The place number one is Liberace Museum with real masterpieces. Also don't miss the Gallery of Fine Art located in the heart of the Bellagio. Stop by and visit the current exhibits to see the artworks that have come from museums as well as private collections. Both educational and vibrant, Marjorie Barrick Museum offers displays of Western culture, desert life and the history of ancient Mexico. The Las Vegas Natural History Museum, located on the North end of the Strip, displays the history of Nevada. Here the visitors can see dinosaur fossils and moving dinosaur models. The Southern Nevada Zoological-Botanical Park, also known as the Las Vegas Zoo, exhibits over 150 species of animals and plants.