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Student Travel Discounts

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Did you know that you can get discounted travel just because you are a student? Indeed, senior citizens are not the only group of people that get these types of discounts. Students between 12-26 years old are eligible for student travel discounts that help save a lot of money traveling around the world. And actually it is not that hard to save. All you will need is a little bit of your time and research and you will have a guaranteed deal.

Unless you have some money to burn, follow these tips to get the best student discount travel deal.

1. Check student section of major travel sites

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So next time you are going to fly, don't purchase tickets at a regular price. Instead, you should check out travel websites for the student sections. There are countless websites online that cater to students going to fly the great blue skies. When speaking about flying, students can sometimes save more than fifty percent. For example, such travel site as Orbitz has a student section where you can save on your next airline ticket.

2. Get a student travel ID and discount cards

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If you're under 26 years old, then you can take advantage of many worldwide discounts, administered by the International Student Travel Confederation, a travel services company that promises all the discounts that any traveler would need. There exist several student travel ID cards, like ISIC, for example, which can provide student travel discounts from places around the world. International Student Identity Card (ISIC) is only available to full-time students, at a cost of $22 per year, and provides discounts on accommodations, museums, cultural events, entertainment, food and shopping in over a hundred countries. A simple flash of such card can get you discounts on everything from travel itself to such places like the movies, restaurants, bookstores and many others. And even though you don’t see any student travel discounts advertised at some sightseeing sites around the world, flashing a student travel ID card can often earn you a student travel discount as well. So the sooner you apply for the card the better. By the way, applying for the card couldn't be easier! There is also International Youth Travel Card (IYTC), which is available to anyone under the age of 26 and also costs $22 per year. Benefits include low airfares, discounts on transportation, accommodations, telecommunications, currency exchange, shopping, restaurants, museums, and cultural events in more than 50 countries. But students get the better deal. The ISIC (for students) offers many more benefits around the world than those offered by the IYTC and is also accepted in more countries. Both cards include basic travel insurance and discounts on student airfares and accommodations.

3. Obtain a discounted student airfare from a student travel agency

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Student airfares are generally available to student travelers under 26 who are enrolled in school. Student airfares always represent some kind of student travel discount and may yield you really substantial discounts over regular airfares. In addition, student airfares are also generally far more flexible than regular tickets. To find cheap student airfare you will have to enter your departure and destination cities (all sites walk you through the process) and the search engine will return a number of itinerary and price options. You can then choose one and book online.

STA and Student Universe are two examples of student travel agencies which do truly cater to student travelers looking for the best student airfare deals. The largest student travel agency in the world offering great fares that rock, STA Travel features a great student airfare search engine, plus the site also provides plenty of useful student travel information. So check out weekly student airfare deals that STA travels has to offer.

Registered with the Better Business Bureau and possessing thousands of testimonials for its superlative service, Student Universe is another great student airfare finder. Student Universe is guided by the motto: "Students Fly Cheaper". And theses words are not just empty promises. To use the services of Student Universe you must sign up, but sign up is free, that reflects their great commitment to customer service. You have to be a student or faculty member to qualify for Student Airfares, an airline ticket that can only be purchased by students or faculty verified by Student Universe. This means that Student Universe will check whether you are indeed a student and therefore eligible for student airfares. So they will send an e-mail to your school to verify your enrollment status. Another great advantage of using the services of Student Universe is that advertised discount student airfare prices usually include all fees and taxes. And one more thing, Student Universe is no fly-by-night affair.

4. Check if cheaper tickets are available at a nearby airport

Also it is a good strategy to check secondary airports outside the city or even in a nearby city that isn’t very big or less popular. But don’t forget to take into account any ground transportation necessary to reach your final destination.

5. Apply general recommendations on how to get the cheapest airfare

To get a better deal, you will need to be flexible with your flight days, as it's usually cheaper to fly during the week than on the weekend. Often it is much cheaper if your stay includes a Saturday night. You also need to be open to taking a red-eye flight as early morning flights are often cheaper. In addition, you may save money if you don't fly nonstop. And it goes without saying, you should start searching for tickets early!

6. Get a discounted student fare on other kinds of transport

If you plan on taking a train in the near future or your college campus is near a train station, make sure that you get a student discount before you purchase your train ticket. The same is true concerning the bus fare as well. Just like the airlines, you can save a lot of money just for being a college student. Places like Amtrak have designated pages designed just for you. Have a train travel vacation over America or use your ISIC card for a deal on an Amtrak ticket home for break. You can get a train travel deal on almost any Amtrak train with your ISIC card. Check the Amtrak schedule for great train travel deal - 15% off your student Amtrak ticket. If you are under 26, Rail Europe offers train passes at a great discount. Seeing Europe from a train is a great way to go, and youth budget travelers can do it at huge discounts.

7. Get a discounted accommodation

If you don't have the money to stay at hotels, you may say in the hostels, the most popular student accommodations. Actually student accommodation discounts are hard to find, as hostels don't really offer discounts, though hostel discount cards exist and promotions can be found in off season, for example, during winter period in Europe. International hostel organization YHA (Youth Hostel Association -- or HI-- Hostelling International) issues hostel discounts in exchange for membership, and some independent country-based hostel organizations offer discount cards. Youth Hostelling Association (YHA) or HI (Hostelling international) has a hostel membership and governing body (International Youth Hostel Federation) and hostels belonging do conform to some standards, providing clean and decent rooms. Hostels of Europe card gives a $2 discount for online hostel booking only, without any additional discount at the hostel itself.