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Spring Break Packages

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Spring Break... These words chant as music and bring a smile to college student faces. The long awaited and a well-earned escape from school is all abut fun and relaxation. If you are itching to get away for spring break but have limited funds at your disposal, don't get upset. With some careful planning and research, you can find the best spring break package for you and your friends to enjoy your coveted week of freedom. Whatever you are going to do for this spring break, here are some useful tips to help you have a fabulous time.

1. Early preparation is the key

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Spring break 2010 is approaching. Early preparation and planning is the key to getting into the popular hotels at the hottest spring break destinations. Keep in mind that the most popular and the best spring break vacations typically sell out six months in advance. In addition, spring break packages tend to go up in price the closer it is to spring break. By planning and buying your spring break package early you can save quite a lot.

2. Travel with a group

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Ask around campus and see if anyone else would want to go to spring break with you. Groups usually receive a pretty large discount on spring break packages. The more people the bigger the discount.

3. Choose a destination

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Talk to your friends, pick a destination, decide on a maximum amount of money everyone is willing to pay per person, and start researching. The Internet is often the best place to start. One of the hottest tourist spot for college students during spring break is Cancun, with its gorgeous beaches and cheap group rates. This Mexican destination is ideal for those who love parties. Then consider partying in Florida. Daytona Beach is still a hot spot during spring break and depending on where you will be flying from, you can manage to get a rather cheap airfare. Actually, the Bahamas and Panama City, Florida, are the other places that have become spring break hot spots in recent years.

4. Book package deals

Combining hotel, airfare and even car rental usually means big savings. Think about what you want included in your spring break package. There are various packages that offer different combinations of travel, lodging, food, drink, and activity inclusions.

5. Check student section of major travel sites

Many online travel companies like Travelocity, Orbitz and Expedia offer inexpensive plans for college students looking for a short vacation between semesters. For example, Orbitz usually provides great student discounts for airline tickets.

6. Consult a travel agent

You may call your local travel agent and inquire about what kind of cheap spring break packages they have to offer. Ask a travel agent for advice on the cheapest spring break locations to travel to from your closest airport. For instance, Las Vegas will be a good bargain for Californians, who would pay much more to go to the Bahamas than students on the East Coast.

7. Buy an all inclusive spring break package

Some spring break packages include air travel, rental car, hotel and free drinks at clubs. All inclusive spring break packages are the most popular vacations. You may remark that they are also the most expensive ones; however, this is not always the case. All inclusive spring break packages typically include transportation (cruise or flight), hotel accommodations, food and drinks at the hotel, etc... But you should make sure you understand what is included in "all-inclusive" packages so you are not surprised with extra expenses on your trip. The problem with all inclusive packages is that most college spring break students think they can't afford this type of package and would prefer to pay for everything separate.

8. Drive instead of fly if you are going not very far

Otherwise, do a cost analysis to see whether a road trip really saves money.

9. Consider taking a cruise

If you don't mind sleeping in the cheapest cabins you can enjoy amazing food, drinks and partying for about half the price of a hotel stay. Besides, you can have a good time and party practically all day and night long, as the cruise ships provide a profusion of entertainment to keep you busy 24-hours a day.

10. Go to spring break in a cheap place

If you can't afford traveling to a very popular destination, consider traveling to a less popular place. Don't go where everyone else is going. If you choose a less traveled place, you can save a lot and still have the same fun.

11. Sign up for a student discount card

If you are under 26 years old, you are entitled to many student discounts, administered by the International Student Travel Confederation. There are several student travel ID cards, like ISIC, for example, which can provide student travel discounts from places all over the world. Student Advantage offers this kind of service. If you purchase a $20 card valid during one year, you automatically save up to 15% on Greyhound purchases, 5-10% on car rentals, and up to $75 off at both Orbitz and Cheap Ticket.com. Moreover, the same card is also good for a discount on every day purchases at the leading department stores, such as Target, Macy's, AMC Theaters, Barnes & Noble as well as several restaurant chains.