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Spring Break Cruises

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Now when the last Christmas ornament is put away, it's high time to start planning the warmer weather rite: spring break. Traditionally, most people prefer to spend their spring break time in beach communities all over the country or abroad. If you want a relaxing and enjoyable spring break vacation consider taking a cruise, a great alternative to a traditional spring break package. In case money is the issue, some careful planning is required. There are many cheap spring break cruise deals and with a little bit of research you will be able to find the budget spring break cruise you want. To know all about spring break cruises, read the following tips about how to get the best spring break cruise deals at the reasonable price.

Advantages of taking a spring break cruise

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Spring break cruises are the newest and hottest trend in spring break travel. And it is no wonder. Instead of staying at a resort, you book a cruise along with other vacationers. These cruises can be a lot of fun and are usually cheaper than traditional spring break vacation packages. The cruise ships are huge, with casinos, several pools, shops, live bands, clubs, bars, and much more. Compare this to sitting on a plane in a small seat for hours to get to your destination and the choice is clear. Also, when you fly the party starts when you reach the hotel at your spring break destination. When you take a spring break cruise, the party starts the moment you set your foot on board the ship. If you are going to the Bahamas, for example, getting there on board the comfortable cruise liner can be as much fun as the time spent on the island.

Family spring break cruises

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Taking a spring break cruise is becoming more and more popular among the families as well. The pleasures of cruising as a family are many, and cruise lines have come to recognize that as well. Most of the major big-ship lines have worked hard to add more space and entertainment programs for kids and teens. With the development of parent-free zones and clubs where teenagers can forget that they are actually traveling with their parents, the cruise lines have been able to win over the hearts of all age group.

Decide how long you want to travel

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When deciding on what type of cruise you want to take first you can decide on the length of your cruise. There are many great weekend cruises to the Bahamas and if you want a longer cruise you can have your whole spring break week enjoying a cruise.

Decide where you want to go

With gorgeous beaches and crowded night clubs, Cancun, a perennially popular paradise of Mexico, is still the most popular spring break destination. If you would prefer to relax at a less crowded place, you may take the ferry to Cozumel or the bus to Playa del Carmen for slower-paced sandy paradises. Xel-Ha is good for snorkeling, and Tulum is also worth a visit, with its great beach and no busy nightlife.

The Bahamas is a popular cruise destination as well, due to a constant party atmosphere enjoyed so much by college students. Plus it is more affordable than other spring break cruises and not as far away as many.

Panama City, Florida and South Beach Miami are climbing the spring break hot spots list and are a sure bet for the kind of fantastic fun that makes a break memorable for the rest of your life.

Book your spring break cruise early

Keep in mind that spring break cruises go up in price the closer it is to spring break. So once the New Year celebrations are over, start looking for great spring break cruises. By buying your spring break cruise far in advance you can save quite a lot. For early bookings, passengers can save up to $1,000 per couple in addition to a free balcony upgrade. Many cruise lines offer generous discounts for passengers who book their cruise three to five months in advance. For example, many of these cruises work out to be less than $70 per day per person.

Book a spring break cruise online

To get the best spring break cruise deal, book your cruise through online travel agencies such as Travelocity, Orbitz or Expedia that specifically deal with these kinds of packages. Another option is to book directly through main cruise lines such as Cheap Caribbean, Carnival, or CruiseDirect.com. So it is a good idea to check whether they are offering any deals only through their website. On each cruise line website, look for a section called Special Offers which features cruise line deals and promotions throughout the year, from kids cruise for free to onboard credits and complimentary shore excursions.

Choose a cruise with many party options

You are going to have a lot of fun during your spring break vacation so it is worth checking whether the cruise you are going to take has several bars, a club, casino area and pool area.

Choose an all inclusive package

You should also decide if you want to take an all inclusive cruise so that your meals and activities are all paid for. It is usually cheaper to do it this way than pay for everything separate. For one set price, you and your friends can enjoy unlimited drinks while sailing around the beautiful ocean. Bahamas cruises offer an all inclusive spring break vacation at a significantly lower price. Many cruise packages include transportation and hotel accommodations on the island all in one price. And don't forget to make sure you understand what is included in "all-inclusive" packages in order not to come across with extra expenses on your trip.

Decide what ports you want to go

It will not matter as much if you are going to spend most of your time on the ship then but if you are planning to go sightseeing and look at some great places or shop then it is really important. Also there are many shore excursions that you can take when on a cruise that will allow you to wind surf, jet ski, etc., so make sure that you look into these options as well.

Last minute cruise deals

Cruises not only depart from just Fort Lauderdale or Los Angeles but ports in New York and other cities. Choosing a departure port that is accessible by driving instead of flying offers another huge cruise savings. In addition, this gives passengers the opportunity to take advantage of last minute cruise deals.

Take advantage of student and group discounts

If you are a full-time student and are under 26 years old, you can count on student travel discount that will let you save quite a lot. Many online travel companies like Travelocity, Orbitz and Expedia do provide discounted packages for college students on a short vacation between semesters. If you are traveling with the family or a group you can have a group discount as well.

Choose the inside cabin

You can have some considerable saving by selecting an inside cabin. Cruise ships offer abundance of quiet places with scenic views to enjoy, so you will need your tiny room just for sleeping and storing your things. But be careful and look at the ship map to make sure that the inside cabin you choose is not adjacent to a stairway or close to loud ship machinery.