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How to Find Cheap International Flights

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Going to take an international flight and looking for a cheap air ticket? With some helpful advice from us you will be able to save hundreds of dollars by getting the best price for your dream ticket.

Finding the cheapest airline tickets requires some grunt work searching the Internet or access to a really good travel agent. The best solution is to inquire from a couple of travel agents and search travel sites on the Internet to find the lowest airfare.

1. Use travel websites to find cheap prices for you

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Use travel websites like Orbitz, Travelocity and Expedia to find cheap prices for you. They work on a regular basis with major airlines that deal with international flights like United Airlines, Air France, Delta, KLM, BMI, Lufthansa, Mexicana, Swiss International Airlines as well as budget airlines like jetBlue, SmartFares, SkyTours and Southwest. Not only does these websites find flights, but they can also book your hotel, rental car and any activities that may be involved at your destination at discounted rates. They offer great vacation packages that will allow you to save the most.

2. Go directly to the airline Web site

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After checking at least two of the travel sites mentioned above, then go directly to the airline Web site to see if you can get a better price directly from the airline. Booking directly also helps you earn more points and upgrades.

3. Join a frequent flier program

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Join a frequent flier program. When choosing the best program for you, you should consider what airlines serve your hometown airport and the routes you are most likely to fly. Another consideration is your chances for achieving elite status. If you don’t fly very often, you should better choose the program with fewer members so you are not competing with ultra fliers for upgrades and preferred perks.

4. Buy in bulk

Selling and buying in bulk is a good and time-honored retail tradition and many airlines offer bulk discounts from time to time. For example a consortium of 16 smaller European airlines with destinations in 26 countries offers an attractive Air Pass program which enables you to fly individual segments for $99 per flight. Keep track of such special offers and take advantage of them.

5. Depart on a weekday

Weekday departures (Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday) are usually much cheaper than weekend flights.

6. Be flexible about the dates

Most online sites offer to select the flexible dates + - 1,2 or 3 days before or after your selected date. Some days are more expensive than others when it comes to travel. Try various departure-arrival combinations until you find the cheapest variant. Weekend and holiday travel is usually expensive. If you must travel during a holiday season, make your departure date a few days before the major holiday and your return date after. Heading on to late night flights, early morning flights, and the flights with a single stop generally fall under the category of the discounted airfares. If you are able to leave on Thursday and return on Monday you will often get better prices than if you fly Friday to Sunday.

7. Fly before June 1

After June 1 prices increase considerably. Consider whether you could leave before then.

8. Fly during the shoulder season

During the high season the prices are high, plus there are also big crowds and more competition for low air fares and hotel accommodations. During low seasons prices also can bump because there are no many flights, and sometimes accommodations may be open only during high and shoulder season.

9. Check one-way tickets that continue past your destination

For example, a ticket from London to Buenos Aires via Rio may be cheaper than from London to Rio, so you can book through to Buenos Aires and don’t use the next leg of the flight.

10. Ask for a discount

Ask for a discount if you are a student, a teacher, an AAA member, as well as if you travel with a family or group. Many airlines offer discounted airfare for kids as well.

11. Check nearby locations

Flying to a popular destination can sometimes be cheaper than to some exotic location. So verify different location, including less popular ones as a possible alternative, taking into account ground transportation to your final destination.

12. Save booking round-the-world packages

A round-the-world fare can save up to 40% on normal fare. For example, if you are going to Australia, you could go out via Singapore and come back via North America.

13. Split tickets

If you are ready to accept a trade-off on convenience, you can save money on "splitting" your trip into two flights, changing planes at some intermediate point. Typically, you will have to use a low-cost carrier for one or both segments.

14. Ask for cheap “redeye” airline flights

Many travelers take the “redeye” flight because they know they can sleep on the airplane on an international flight, and that when they arrive at their destination it will be early morning, thus having the benefit of not suffering as much from jet lag.

15. Compare shop!

Don't jump on the first deal that you see, because a better one just might be a click away.

16. If you have a travel agent, use his or her powers

They are there to help you and have easy access to practically all of the flights that are going to your destination.

17. Sign up for discount offers

Sign up for discount offers at airlines you know that travel to your international destination. But this should be done long in advance of your travel date. Don't be afraid of spam or junk emails, because some of them might actually have the cheap deal you've been looking for. Airlines offer new deals almost every day, so sign up and watch out for those e-mails. In addition, many airline companies offer gift vouchers and a hotel room at discount along with the airline tickets. They are the part of different travel packages offered by airline companies. This essentially helps you to save your money in other areas as well.

18. Bid your price

Try a travel bidding site like Priceline.com and see if you can get something a bit cheaper than what can be usually offered by major travel sites and airlines.

19. Keep checking

Keep in mind that cheap international plane tickets change from week to week, so if you can't find anything now, just try again in a week or so. Sometimes you may have to wait on last-minute deals; and, although you can't cancel them or get a refund, they're still pretty cheap. If you want to take such a risk in order to save money then go for it!

20. Purchase a vacation package

If you will also need a hotel at your destination, booking a package vacation can save you money on both.

21. Purchase air tickets from airline consolidators

Purchasing air tickets from airline consolidators will save you a good amount of your hard earned money. Many travelers are well familiar of the reimbursement of purchasing air tickets from airline consolidators. They are the people who can help you to save loads of your hard-earned dollars on your airline tickets. Airline consolidators have accepted alliances and serve as a source for discount airline tickets offering savings over tickets bought directly from the airlines.