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How to Find Cheap Cruises

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If you want a relaxing and enjoyable vacation there is hardly a better way than taking a cruise. Have concerns that good food, amazing sights and lifetime memories in a cruise ship travel will drain your savings account? Equipped with the following recommendation you will be able to find a budget cruise you are longing for. Actually, cheap cruise deals and discounts are all around and not hard to get if you know where to look for them. And don’t be afraid that taking a cheap cruise means that you will have to do without typical luxuries associated with a cruise voyage; rather you will be able to obtain all the optional extras at a bargain price. To help you locate that dreams cruise of yours and find the best cruise deal we have conducted a thorough research and summarized the results in the following guidelines about how to find cheap cruises. So follow these tips and enjoy your great vacation on board a comfortable cruise liner.

1. Choose the time for your voyage

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As there is a profusion of so many different kinds of cruises, first you should decide on where you would like to go. There are cruises that are round trip and some that are one-way. Consider where the cruise departs from and arrives. Look for departures close to home. Many cruise line companies are adding departures from new ports, so you will have lower airfare costs.

2. Search the Internet

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The lowest available deal directly from the cruise line. Check their rate to Be prepared that some careful planning is required when looking for a cheap cruise. You might wish to consult a travel expert which is always a good option. However, more experienced travelers are using the Internet to secure the best deals. Cheap cruise deals are all around and you can feel quite confident purchasing your cruise online. So if you are willing and ready do some research you will find a great deal, at the lowest price. For the best discounts and travel packages check with large vacation suppliers such as Travelocity, Expedia and Orbitz, which can put together a cruise package just for you. Remember, online travel suppliers and cruise companies either pre-purchase cabins at a very low price, or are directly linked to the cruise lines inventory database. Plus they also receive the most recent stateroom information and know in advance about cabin inventory deals, and can pass them directly on to you. Once you understand what the online suppliers have to offer, you may get discounts that range from 20% up to 60% depending on the season, itinerary, and cruise ship. Discount travel sites are a great tool for finding cheap cruises. It’s extremely rare to find get started, and then compare prices at the many discount travel sites available on the web. Keep in mind that many of these sites have loyalty programs, so you will be entitled to special discounts in the future if you regularly book with the same site.

3. Travel off peak time

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Cruise prices fluctuate according to how quickly the rooms are being filled and if the demand isn’t very high bargain rates become available. If you are working on a budget then consider traveling during off peak times. During the high demand periods cruise lines don't have any problems filling their passenger quotas and are less inclined to decrease prices. Summer is such a season when people do travel a lot. Focusing at periods such as the end of summer and beginning of fall will more likely get you a cheap cruise deal that fits well within your budget. At this period cruise companies are striving to fill their cabins so they offer incentives - lower prices. A prime time for discounts is just before or after the holidays, or what is called shoulder season or off-season in travel parlance. For example, September would be shoulder season for an Alaskan cruise. And what is really good about these cheap cruises is that the quality of the cruise holiday is in no way diminished.

4. Book early

If you are going to travel during peak season, the best way to get a good deal is to book far in advance. Cruise lines are eager to make reservations far in advance and to fill up last-minute cancellations. Booking early is a sort of a gamble between yourself and the cruise line. They haven’t offered their bottom price yet, but if you continue waiting until the cruise is almost full, prices could increase. The cruise line is also gambling on whether the price of fuel will go up or down when they set their cruise prices for early buyers. Buying early may also be a great way to find good deals on limited number of balcony rooms and suites.

5. Book last minute

If your schedule is flexible, you may find even hotter deals at the last minute. Booking last minute you obtain the best discounts possible, as cruise lines decrease their prices in order not to sail with rooms left empty. Such discount travel sites as Travelocity, Expedia and Orbitz offer the greatest last minute cruise deals.

6. Choose the inside cabin

You can have some considerable saving if you select an inside cabin. Cruise ships offer great many quiet places with scenic views to enjoy a quiet moment, so your tiny room will only be needed as a spot to sleep and store your things. The advice is, before booking a room, to take a look at the ship map and make sure that the inside cabin you choose is not close to a stairway or bordering loud ship machinery.

7. Be on the lookout for inaugural cruises

Just like any company launching a new product or brand in the market, cruise lines offer huge discounts for inaugural cruises, because they rely heavily on word of mouth advertising, which is far more valuable than media promotions. And most cruise lines recover many times the amount that they lose on inaugural discounts.

8. Participate in loyalty programs

Loyalty programs are an excellent way to find cheap cruises with a cruise line that you know and trust. If you plan to take cruises regularly and have a favorite cruise line, loyalty programs can provide you with a wide range of special offers, including booking discounts, free meals and VIP invitations.

9. Book directly through main cruise lines sites

Call or visit the cruise company website such as Cheap Caribbean, Carnival, or CruiseDirect.com directly and check if they are offering any deals only through their website. If it's going to be a family trip, ask about money-saving family discount packages. There is an abundance of cruising websites which strive to supply the prospective customers with as much information as possible to make an informed decision. Look for newsletter offers; you sign up for a regular newsletter at varying intervals and receive the latest bargain offers. One of the best features online is the alert features offered by some of these sites. Some sites even provide price alert features which means you enter details such as how much you want to spend, where you want to go and when you want to travel.

10. Go to a consolidator

Go to a consolidator and get their price for the same time period for the same cruise.

11. Use a cruise-only travel agent

These agents have access to the best deals on the cruise lines they do the most business with. A good agent will also recheck prices close to the departure date and refund part of your money if the rate has gone down. Some fares, often called fax specials, are so cheap that the agents aren’t allowed to publicize them; you have to ask if they are available.

12. Check Cruise Line Updates

Keep checking cruise rates regularly, as rather often the prices do fluctuate. Many cruise companies offer services such as regular updates which will keep you informed about any special offers. All you have to do is to sign up for a regular e-mail update and check your e-mails. The point to remember is cruise lines in most cases will do their best, within reason, to get you on their ships because setting off from port with empty cabins simply won’t bring them any profit.

13. Look into travel insurance

If you have concerns that you might have to cancel your trip or need to move it due to bad weather or health issues, be sure to look into travel insurance.