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Oregon Newport Ocean View

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Oregon Newport Photo

Oregon Newport Photos

A city of contrasts, Newport possesses a split personality. Here you can spot dockworkers unloading the fresh catch as well as vacationers strolling by and gazing around. The air is pervaded by the smell of fish and shrimps and sea lions are lying on the docks waiting for their next portion of meal. And right across the street you can see art galleries and souvenir shops lining side by side. The graceful, 3,220-foot span of steel that arcs over the bay is Yaquina Bay Bridge. Below the bridge, sailboats, motorboats and even a luxury yacht or two stay at the docks, while commercial and charter fishing boats make ready to head out to sea. Newport harbor is home to the largest fishing fleet on the Oregon coast. On the docks, beyond, a gathering of sea lions bark up a fuss in a scene ready-made for a postcard.

Oregon Newport

Across Yaquina Bay from the waterfront is the Oregon Coast Aquarium, the top tourist attraction of the state. Discover marine life at the world-class Oregon Coast Aquarium in Newport, which is ranked among the top 10 aquariums in the country. Be sure to see its newest exhibit "Passages of the Deep", where you will have a chance to experience the mysteries of the open ocean through a 200 foot-long acrylic tunnel submerged into a deep-see shark tank. Indoor exhibits feature diverse marine life, found in wetlands, sandy and rocky shores and the deep water of the Pacific Ocean, including seahorses, jellyfish and various coastal habitats and marine life populating them. Outdoor exhibits are home to sea otters, seals, sea lions and giant Pacific octopus. Moreover the Aquarium features one of the largest walk-through bird aviaries in North America.

Oregon Newport Pics

Newport features two lighthouses - Yaquina Head Lighthouse and Yaquina Bay Lighthouse. With a beacon that sits 162 feet above sea level (the tower itself is 93 feet tall), Yaquina Head Lighthouse beckons boats as far as 19 miles out to sea. Activated in 1873 and used ever since, it is the tallest lighthouse on the Oregon Coast. Visitors can climb the 110 steps of the wrought iron staircase to the top, or visit the two rooms of the adjacent "oil house". During the century past, lighthouse keepers used these rooms to store the whale oil used to fuel the lamp. Today, one room houses a display of equipment from the U. S. Coast Guard, and the other contains an exhibit featuring a 1,000-watt light bulb and a piece of the lens, such as those in use at the top of the lighthouse.

Oregon Newport Picture

About a quarter mile away there is an Interpretive Center, where visitors can also get an up-close look at a replica of the 9-foot lens and lantern portion of the lighthouse. The center also offers a video about the Natural Area, mural-size historic photos of Newport at the turn of the century, and displays devoted to the variety of marine life and seabirds found in the area.

Oregon Newport Ocean

Along nature trails winding through wildflowers and grass, the stunningly beautiful views stretch for miles in every direction. You can’t but hear the cacophony of bird calls from the hundreds of gulls, pigeon guillemots and Brandt's cormorants that inhabit Colony and Pinnacle rocks. Occasionally a tufted puffin may happen by, and sightings of bald eagles and redtailed hawks are not uncommon. And down at the edge of the water, reached through a series of wooden stairs and decks, there is Cobble Beach, with its tide pools, where sea stars, anemones, sea urchins, hermit crabs and snails populate a living marine garden.

Oregon Newport Pictures

The older of the two lighthouses, Yaquina Bay Lighthouse is the oldest building in Newport. Now it is part of Yaquina Bay State Park located just North and West of Yaquina Bay Bridge. This 1871 building was used as both home and lighthouses (the light is in a tower atop a two storied wood-frame house, which is supposed to be haunted).

Oregon Coast History Center will offer you to trace the local history. The Center consists of two buildings – the Burrows House featuring exhibits of Victorian household furnishings and fashions and the Log Cabin displaying Siletz Indian artifacts as well as exhibits on logging, framing and maritime history.