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Oahu North Shore Beachfront

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Oahu North Shore

Oahu North Shore Beach

Oahu North Shore is rather a groovy place all year round, but it becomes extremely fascinating during the winter surfing season when surfers from around the world arrive here to compete in professional and amateur competitions. What really lure and attract them here is the great chances of catching an enormous wave and the prospect of winning a huge cash prize. If you add spectators to the mix, you will get a whole picture of the people who haunt this place.

Oahu North Shore Pics

Surfers live for the big waves that come pounding each winter onto Oahu North Shore. Resembling salt-water breathing dragons, the rollers can mount up to 20 to 30 foot walls, and, if that is the case, in a one split second the competing champions will be defeated, the crowds will be drawn to excitement and lifeguards will become real heroes.

Oahu North Shore

Big wave surfing is an awesome and petrifying spectacle, that may easily make your hair stand on end. Just fancy a 30-foot wave crashing onto the shore with a tiny surfer riding its lip, the very ground shakes and a misty salt spray fills the air. You have got to see all this with your own eyes.

Oahu North Shore Ocean

But this petrifying show can be dangerous as well. Strong and unpredictable, these swells are also very dangerous for the spectators hanging too close to the water. Never should children be allowed to play at the edge of the water, no matter whether supervised by the adults or not. And when the lifeguard orders to move back, everyone should obey.

Oahu North Shore Photo

The easiest way to find hot surf spots on North Shore beaches is to watch for cars parked along the road. Driving Kamehameha Highway from Waikiki, they will appear in the following order: Velzyland, Backyards, Log Cabins, Sunset Beach, Rocky Point, Banzai Pipeline, Back Doors, Waimea Bay, Laniakea and Chun's Reef. Waimea Bay and Sunset Beach are the easiest to notice.

Oahu North Shore Photos

Not only is Oahu North Shore popular among the surfers but also a great number of tourists who are interested in different numerous attractions, that Oahu North Shore has to offer. But in the winter, surf contests top the list. They include the prestigious Quicksilver Eddie Aikau Memorial Big Wave Classic, a competition which is held at Waimea Bay from Nov. 30 through Feb. 28. This tournament, otherwise known as "The Eddie", requires one day with a minimum of 20-foot surf to run and is actually the only big wave surf contest sanctioned by the Association of Surfing Professionals.

Oahu North Shore Picture

Ranked as the top paid visitor attraction in Hawaii, the Polynesian Cultural Center on Oahu North Shore is definitely the place to be visited. A perennially popular one-of-a-kind theme park, it could be easily called a living museum where hundreds of Polynesian islanders revive their exotic customs, culture and tradition in an environment that invites interaction and is sprinkled with a touch of magic.

Oahu North Shore Wave

The Center will appeal to all ages with a wide array of activities that runs from early afternoon into the evening. The Center's newest attraction is a $2.65-million canoe house featuring a 57-foot double-hulled voyaging canoe, carved and launched in La'ie. The canoe is hand-carved out of dakua wood transported from Fiji. When it is not out on sail, it will be housed in the Halau Wa'a. The canoe house is also being used for interactive activities associated with Polynesian navigational practices.

Oahu North Shore Pictures

The 42-acre territory of the Center is populated by seven native villages. Here visitors will be able to participate in the lives and adventures of Hawaiian and other South Pacific cultures. A canoe pageant, an award-winning luau and an extravagant evening show with a cast of 100 native performers are the things not to be missed.

Hawaii Oahu North Shore

Children can use PCC's Passport to Polynesia as a guide for navigating activities and earning points for prizes. The Passport also includes information about games, like lafo, or Tongan shuffleboard, Hawaiian-style checkers and bowling, Samoan fire-making and fireknife twirling, pig hunting in the Marquesas tradition and, in Fiji, parent-approved traditional, wash-away tattoos are also the most popular attractions.

Hawaii Oahu North Shore Photo

Originally this Center was founded to help support student attendance at the church's nearby college, Brigham Young University-Hawaii. Over the years, millions of people have passed through its gates making it one of the most coveted cultural theme attractions in the world.