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Kailua Photo

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Kailua Ocean

Kailua Beach, located on the East shore of the island, is known as one of the top beaches of Hawaii. It is favorite of the visitors, locals, lifeguards and researchers. Just a short drive over the mountains on the picturesque Pali Highway from Waikiki, Kailua Beach is located in the town of Kailua which attracts thousands of visitors every year.

Kailua Ocean View

Located just 12 miles from Honolulu, Kailua enjoys anything but urban lifestyle. It’s a place of sunny sky, gorgeous greenery, golden crescents of fine sand and vast expanses of blue-green ocean. In the town you can find dive shops and ocean activity stores, where you can purchase anything you need for swimming, snorkeling, kayaking, diving and other activities in the sun and surf. You can also enjoy shopping in the town boutiques at Kailua Village Shops and Shopping Center.

Kailua Oceanfront

Picture a perfect golden beach that stretches along the shore, generally safe with mostly calm ocean. The Bay is ideal for snorkeling, kayaking, windsurfing, kitesurfing, swimming, boogie boarding and sailing. If you add to this the bird sanctuary rising in the distance and a protective group of reefs, fringing the shore, you will have a vivid picture of this amazingly beautiful place.

Kailua Picture

This beach provides all the possible opportunities for good kayaking, with the reefs around and good ocean conditions. You can see many people paddling to the nearby Mokukua Isalnds and to the bird sanctuary located on the couple of tiny islets with small beach.

Kailua Turtle

Large sea turtles may often make you company when paddling calm water towards coral reefs. These waters is the home for the gentle, lumbering Pacific Green Turtles. These huge creatures can grow up to 4 feet and weigh up to 400 pounds. They mostly eat seaweed that grows in the rocks in shallow places. The turtles are called green not because of the color of the algae growing on their backs, but because of the color of their meat that is green.

Kailua Pictures

While seeing Green Turtle is a common thing here, seeing a nearly extinct Hawksbill Sea Turtle is a great luck. Both turtle species are endangered, but the Hawaiian Hawskbill Sea Turtle numbers just several dozens of these rare animals. Hawksbill turtles are known all over the world for their beautiful exterior shell, or so called “tortoise shell”, which has been used by the fashion industry for years and caused these creatures dying out. These turtles are much smaller than the Pacific Green Turtle (they weigh up to 270 ponds) and got their name for their sharp beaklike mouth.

Kailua Pics

When paddling a kayak, you can approach these slow moving, friendly creatures close enough to watch. The green turtle can often be seen in the waters of Oahu, but having come across one, remember that they are protected by law and it’s prohibited to surround, chase, touch or swim with any endangered marine animal. On seeing the turtle, don’t approach it too close; let it have 10-15 feet of space to surface and breath.

Kailua Resort

Besides possessing tremendous beauty, Kailua Beach hosts a groovy beach market. Established in 1932, Kakapawai market provides everything that a person on vacation here may need for a day at the beach. Here you can have a cup pf coffee, take soft drink or order gourmet take-out lunches from the deli, choose among a big array of wines and other drinks. Right on the beach you can rent any gear you need for water activities and arrange surfing lessons, if necessary.

Kailua Photos

A freshwater stream intersects 36-acre territory of the beach park. The Beach facilities include picnic tables, barbeque areas, restrooms, a volleyball court, a public boat ramp, free parking and an open-air café.

Kailua is a quintessential beach town which is blessed by two gorgeously beautiful beaches known all over the world. Steady offshore tradewinds make this place perfect for windsurfing, kayaking and other water sports. Here life revolves around the beach.