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Ulua Beach Oceanfront

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Ulua Beach

Ulua Beach Resort

To really appreciate the island of Maui, you should get off the land and into the water. For example, you can slowly glide through the water in a kayak, or hover high above the ocean in a parasail, or scuba dive, bodysurf, boardsurf and windsurf.

Ulua Beach Photo

Riding the waves without the board becoming one unit with the foaming water is a way of life in Hawaii. Gliding gently over the water propelled by paddles, seeing Maui from the sea the way the early Hawaiians did that is what ocean kayaking is all about.

Ulua Beach Ocean View

Maui precious gem, Ulua Beach is one of the most popular beaches of Wailea coastline. It is located right in front of Wailea Elua Village, the lush condominium rental development, which is directly above the beach.

With Kahoolowe and Molokini at the backdrop and straight on sunset view, it is no secret why it has been attracting tourists from the whole world. But this is not its only advantage.

Ulua Beach Photos

If you don a mask and hit the water you will understand why the snorkelers favor this place. Ulua Beach has the best easy access snorkeling in Wailea. Snorkelling is excellent on the reef between Ulua and Mokapu Beaches, and a second deeper reef which is about 100 yards offshore provides excellent viewing opportunities for scuba diving.

Ulua Beach  Wave

You can often spot green sea turtle at both reefs and humpback whales frequently transit the deeper waters beyond the reefs. The waves here are the right size for bodysurfing and boardsurfing during summer South swells.

You can rent all the necessary equipment for snorkeling, kayaking, windsurfing at a full service beach concession at the edge of the beach on the Renaissance Wailea Beach Resort property.

Wailea Ulua Beach Nature

Don’t confuse Elua with Ulua that may seem alike. There is a curious similarity between the name Elua and Ulua. Actually, Elua means "two" (there is also Wailea Ekahi that means "one" and Wailea Ekolu ("three") and Ulua is the Hawaiian name for a popular game fish which may reach five feet in length and weigh up to 100 pounds. They can occasionally be seen by snorkelers and scuba divers here. So even the name of this place suggests that it must be abundant of different species of fish. And that is true.

Ulua Beach Palms

You will have to get up early to secure a parking place at Ulua Beach, but it’s worth it. Not only is it teeming with brilliant tropical fish, but it is also one of the best spots for hearing humpback whales singing while they are passing offshore.

Ulua Beach Pics

When there is no breeze and the ocean is calm, you can have the best snorkeling and beginner diving here. But during the south swell, you would better avoid this location as diving can be dangerous and the visibility becomes poor. Early morning is the best time for diving.

Ulua Beach Sunset

There is also a grassy knoll to have picnic during the breaks. The beach is fine sand and it’s perfect for a lie and warm up too. The best site to start your dive is a rocky lava outcropping on the right. Fish like to hide there and it is popular among snorkelers.

Maui Ulua Beach

If you are lucky you can see an octopus swimming in the open among the rocks. The right of the outcropping will allure divers as there are a couple of reefs in about 40-50 feet of water that have great things to see.

Ulua Beach

When the waves are rough, it’s ideal for bodysurfers. Just swimming can also be a wonderful pastime as shallow ocean bottom with gentle slopes going down make it safe enough even for the most unsophisticated divers.

Ulua Beach Ocean

In high season (that’s from Christmas to May and from June to August) the beach is so crowded by guests of nearby resorts that you are hardly to find a vacant spot of sand to lay your towel on.

Ulua Beach Palm

When there’s a need for any beach equipment, you can rent it at the nearby Wailea Ocean Activity Center. Beach facilities include outdoor showers at the bathhouses and restrooms.

Ulua Beach Picture

Ulua beach is also a site of Wailea water recreation activities desk and is centrally located to both Wailea Elua and the Hotel Inter-Continental Maui.

To the rear of the beach is a landscaped minipark, a paved parking lot and a paved walkway. Access to the beach is marked by the sign on the public road and it is open to the public.