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Just Added! Maui Prince Hotel Coupon Codes 2012

Maui Prince Hotel Beachfront

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Maui Prince Hotel Pics

Maui Prince Hotel

Hawaii Maui Prince Hotel

If you would like to relax at the beautiful golden sand beach of Hawaii with tranquil and quiet atmosphere, the Maui Prince Hotel is the right spot for you then. It is an ideal place if you are looking for a secluded runaway and where you will not be bothered with traffic, crowds and noise. Located at the end of the road and being far, far away from anything else on the island, you might feel as if you were at the very edge of the Earth.

The Maui Prince Hotel rises among the scrubby kiawe and other greenery like a mirage on its 1,800 acres of natural land. It is encompassed by wild and noncrowded beaches and two excellent golf courses.

Maui Prince Hotel Photo

Inside you will discover an atrium garden with koi-filled stream, and a simple clutter free décor in the interior. The rooms are not large but each of them features a small private lanai and a breathtaking ocean view. There is also a good restaurant in the hotel and the service is always immaculate.

Maui Prince Hotel Palms

There are some residential development at the border between Wailea and Makena, but that is far from sight of the hotel. Just beyond the hotel you can marvel a picturesque cider-cone peninsular of Puuolai.

It is a place where untamed South Maui begins. Crystal clear waters of Makena Bay offer a perfect spot for aquatic adventures with phenomenal snorkeling, kayaking and bodysurfing.

Maui Prince Hotel

The beaches are nothing short of glorious. The king of them all is Big Beach, an immense stretch of sparkling golden sand and a prime spot for sunset viewing. The locals call the beach fronting the Maui Prince Hotel the "Turtle Beach" as green turtles feed along the fantastic coral which is 100 yard out in the sea here.

Maui Prince Hotel Nature

Makena bay is also a kicking place for shore divers who would prefer the North end of the beach.

The road ends where the last eruption of Haleakala spilled lava down to the sea South of Makena and that happened 200 years ago.

A horseback riding, a sporting-clay shooting range and hiking add to Makena’s attractions.

Maui Prince Hotel Flower

Just one mile past the entrance of the Maui Prince Hotel you will find the entrance of Makena Beach State Park, a wonderful beach with parking and restrooms. If you arrive early in the morning, don’t head just to the water, just stop and wait. Walk along the path among kiawe trees where you can spot one of the flashiest introduced birds in Hawaii – the Red-crested Cardinal from South America.

Maui Prince Hotel Palm

Feel tired of civilization? Then the southern end of Maui’s resort coast is for you! If you are eager to see wild, dry countryside of green kiawe trees, go to Maluaka, also called Makena Beach, with it’s huge territory of 1,800 acres and just a couple of first-rate golf courses and a number of perfect beaches.

This place is remarkable of its gorgeous beauty so you would find yourself busy clicking your camera all the time. Especially notable are the views of Molokini Crater, a picturesque offshore islet, and Kahoolawe, the so-called "target" island. It’s called "target" because this island was used as a bombing target a few decades ago. The beach is fringed with magnificent palms and grainy sand is sparkling in the bright sun, surrounded by two black lava points.