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Just Added! Kihei Marketplace Coupon Codes 2012

Kihei Marketplace Photo

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Kihei Marketplace

Kihei Marketplace Shells

If shopping is high on your list, there is a big array of shopping malls of varying sizes crammed in between Kihei's condominiums and hotels. Kihei Marketplace is the site worth going. Shaded outdoor stalls sell everything from printed and hand-painted T-shirts and sundresses to jewelry handmade from seeds, nuts, beads, glass, also carved wooden bowls, pottery, woven baskets, unique and colorful paintings, original photographs, wood carvings, fruit, and gaudily painted coconut husks made by local craftspeople.

There is a wide array of truly Hawaiian souvenirs, for example a ceramic colorful plate in the shape of the famous triggerfish called Humuhumunukunukuapuaa Fish Plate. Or rare and delicious Maui Mokka Coffee which is a daily grind to savor and is usually packed with sumptuous hints of chocolate and bright floral notes. It now grows only in Kaanapali and dates back 1,000 years to Ethiopia.

Maui Kihei Marketplace

Bowls made from koa wood make rather valuable gifts too. The largest native forest tree koa is valued by the Hawaiians for its strength and beauty and it is widely used by local craftsmen who carve amazingly beautiful bowls, jewelry boxes and picture frames.

Ladies might appreciate clean, modern designs of the best aloha shirts incorporating island plants and flowers by the local clothing designer Sig Zane. His subtle stunning patterns are perfect decorations of simple clutch purses, quilts and hand-tied rugs. Tamara Catz’s tropical slip dresses and hand embroidered skirts are bound to cause overall admiration and are worth buying as well.

Kihei Marketplace Picture

If you want to purchase just one thing that will generate awe among your friends, look to a black pearl necklace from Maui. The black pearl has been a valuable and rare find for centuries. It had a reputation for being the precious gem of choice exclusively for royalty around the world. In China the story is that the black pearl was the symbol of wisdom and was only to be found inside a dragon. You could get one for your lover by slaying the dragon. Women of China's great dynasties wore them with pride. The black pearl necklace is rather expensive as such kind of pearls is really very rare and requires a great amount of work to care for the mollusk when developing. Only one type of mollusk will create a black pearl, and these mollusks are not only rare but they are particular as to how they expect to be treated if you want to harvest a world class pearl. The mollusk that produces the black pearl is a delicious treat for its neighbors, and that is another reason it became so rare in the wild. Moreover it needs a certain ocean climate to develop a pearl of great value. And today the luxurious black pearl has become the symbol of Maui's shopping excellence and is the most romantic gift.

Kihei Marketplace Pics

Look for all this merchandise at Kihei Marketplace which is fun to investigate and one of those places where you can get lost wandering through the goods. Stalls brimming with clothes, jewelry, gifts and island art are arranged three and four deep from one end of this covered open-air market to the other. It looks like huge arts and crafts fair with 50 shops offering island treasures at reasonable prices. This place hops in the evening with 13 restaurants, bars and live music.