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Hawaii Hana Picture

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Best Things To Do In Hawaii

Hawaii Wailea Four Seasons Resort

For millions of people, the Hawaiian Islands mean paradise: with palm trees rimming the magnificent golden sand beach and transparent water of the bluest of the blue teeming with tropical fish. One of the most attractive and gorgeously beautiful places in the world, the Hawaiian Islands possesses their own unique spirit and irresistible charm. All six islands feature magnificent natural beauty, upscale lodging, diverse cultural activities and, of course, exciting relaxation.

Hawaii is known all over the world for its Aloha spirit, the friendly welcome given to the newcomers by the native people. In Hawaiian "Aloha" means love, greetings and kindness and today the residents use this word to say hello and good bye. Indeed, the Hawaiian Islands welcome you to witness the stark terrain with lava rock desert and the smoldering glow of molten lava, climb Hawaii largest and highest volcanic mountains, visit majestic misty valleys, view amazing waterfalls, surf warm clear waters.

The islands offer something for everyone. Beaches of black, gold and red sand, a crater bigger than Manhattan scenic drives, exclusive resorts, historic towns, top snorkeling and scuba diving sites, and tropical rain forests are just some of what you will find on Hawaii.

There is a wide spectrum of water sports and land activities available for thrill and adventure seekers. Whet you appetite with phenomenal surfing at Oahu North Shore, swim with dolphins and sea turtles on Maui and hear the humpback whales sing. If you are a sun loving person and want to spend your vacation on the beach, try surfing, windsurfing or scuba diving in Waikiki. Oahu serves up big attractions and great waves while volcanic lava and Kona coffee flow on the Big Island. The Na Pali Coast and Waimea Canyon highlight Kauai, while Maui boasts the Haleakala Crater and Lahaina town. Maui has more miles of swimmable beach than any other Hawaiian island, the largest dormant volcano in the world, Haleakala and the second highest waterfall in the United States. Little developed Molokai is relaxing and Lanai offers a private island "feel".

For all visitors interested in the Hawaiian culture and customs, the islands offer a big selection of museums, historical attractions and interactive exhibits. The Polynesian Cultural Center on the North Shore of Oahu, for instance, offers villages and other historical artifacts inspired by the Polynesian culture.

It is impossible to understand Hawaiian culture without participating in a luau. Luau is a Hawaiin way of saying "Let’s throw a party" and it typically involves singing, dancing, laughing and a lot of eating. What concerns eating, the main course is kalua pig, which is a whole pig cooked in the underground oven and then dug out with sort traditional ceremony. The ceremonious pig is then cut and served with plenty of other side dishes, such as sweet potatoes, poi, lomi-lomi salmon, fresh fish and a number of deserts.

That is a typical format but luaus can also be different. Backyard luaus are held to celebrate birthdays, graduations, weddings and special events and private parties. Commercial luaus are available for anyone who buys a ticket and usually include an all-you-can-eat buffet, an open bar and an aloha shell lei greeting and other entertainment.

One of Hawaii unique cultural offerings is hula dancing which is the ancient Hawaiian dance form. In its authentic form, hula is the most powerful expression of indigenous Hawaiian culture that exists. The chants that accompany the dance and music are the oral history of Hawaii native people. Every movement of the dance helps tell the story. Passed down from one kumu hula, the hula teacher, to another, these stories have survived and withstood despite the takeover of the land by the Westerners. Nowadays hula dancing has become a real pop symbol of the islands, having been popularized by Hollywood.

Hula is divided into two general categories: Kahiko (ancient) and Auana (contemporary). Typically, hula Kahiko is performed with percussion instruments, sticks and some wind instruments whereas Auana is performed with ukuleles, acoustic and steel guitars and bass.

And naturally, the Hawaiian Islands is the place of luxurious resorts and hotels, Spa salons providing facial and body treatments one can only desire, high-end restaurants, exquisite shopping centers. All this make it the most cherished travel destination and romantic dream.

Hawaii is everything the good life means.

Hawaii isn’t simply a definition of paradise, it is a state of mind - Aloha!

Ulua Beach Ocean View

The beautiful island Maui has been voted "Best Island in the World" by the readers of Condé Nast Traveler magazine for eleven consecutive years and one of the "World’s Best Islands" by the readers of Travel + Leisure magazine for six years. With the ideal combination of strong trade winds and consistent surf, Maui is one of the world’s top windsurfing destinations, with a wide array of beaches, warm clear water and year-round surf. The hottest places are Wailea Beach, Ulua Beach, Big Beach, Haoma Beach.

Hana Night

A small coastal village of Hana is probably what you came to Maui in search of. Nowhere else you will find such a magnificent rainforest with cascading waterfalls and sparkling blue pools, rimmed by red- and black-sand beaches. Green, tropical Hana is a paradise of lush landscape with green banyans, bamboo, breadfruit trees and beautiful flowers, ginger and plumeria in particular.

Maui Kihei Photos

If you are a budget-minded person and are looking for the possibilities to enjoy the lush landscapes of the picturesque island of Maui without draining your savings account, Kihei is your top travel destination. The most desirable attraction of this place is the beaches and the ocean. It’s just unbelievable but when you leave almost any lodging in Kihei, the beach is right across the street! The shore of Kihei consists of a chain of the best life guarded beaches in Hawaii. One Kihei beach may be favored for swimming, another for body surfing or board surfing, but any of them is a quintessential tropical beach, wide crescents of fine and golden sand.

Kihei Marketplace Photo

Kihei Marketplace is fun to investigate and one of those places where you can get lost wandering through the merchandise. Stalls brimming with clothes, jewelry, gifts and island art are arranged three and four deep from one end of this covered open-air market to the other. It looks like huge arts and crafts fair with 50 shops offering island treasures at reasonable prices. This place hops in the evening with 13 restaurants, bars and live music.

Lahaina Banyan Tree Park Photo

If you happen to visit downtown Lahaina, you are sure to come across Banyan Tree. If you did not plan on walking downtown Lahaina, you should change your plans so that you can see this magnificent landmark. This is definitely a sight that's not to be missed. The tree is well over 100 years old, and will probably last for several hundred more years. It is 60 feet high and covers 200 feet of space. With 12 trunks and several hundred drooping branches, it resembles a miniature jungle rather than a tree. Locals make crafts under its shade, boys swing from the branches and tourists gaze in amazement.

Westin Lahaina Beach

If you dream of idyllic retreat there is no better place than Westin Maui Resort & Spa, where you can enjoy stunning vistas and exotic Hawaiian settings on exclusive oceanfront property on Ka’anapali Beach. Surrounded by lush tropical gardens, surging streams, and amazing waterfalls, the Westin Maui Resort & Spa has gorgeous views of the Pacific Ocean and the magnificent West Maui Mountains. Guest rooms and suites take advantage of the splendid views not to mention the ocean-view lounges in the Heavenly Spa by Westin.

Wailea Elua Photo

Well-manicured, Wailea in South Maui, is the most elite haunt, with luxurious beachfront resorts, low rised condo villas, emerald green golf courses and tennis courts so chic that they are called "Wimbledon West". All of the Wailea fabulous beaches are backed by lush resorts, the most posh of which are the Grand Wailea, Four Seasons Resort and Spa, Wailea Point Resort, Wailea Elua and Marriott Wailea. All they feature luxurious comfortable rooms overlooking the magnificent mountains and gorgeous ocean views, exquisite dining in a wide range of outstanding restaurants, thrilling aquatic adventures, soothing relaxation treatments at the renowned spa centers, exciting shopping and diverse entertaining.

Wailea Four Seasons Resort Beachfront

If you choose to stay at the Four Seasons Wailea and the Grand Wailea Resort Hotel and Spa, you’ll get to Wailea Beach right from the front yard. One of the best golden-sand crescents on Maui’s sunbaked coast and one of the five beaches of Wailea Resort, Wailea Beach is large, wide and is rimmed on both sides by black lava points. From the beach you can enjoy a spectacular view out to sea, protected by neighboring Kahoolawe and Lanai and the small crescent of Molokini. It’s a perfect place for scuba diving, fishing, hiking, sailing, helicopter rides, bike tours. It is probably the best snorkel spot in this area. You can ride gently with or without the board as transparent waters roll onto the shore in waves just the right size. From December to April you can watch Pacific whales from shore and be the spectator of magnificent sunsets every night.

Maui Big Beach Photo

South of the Wailea Resort area the road becomes narrower and you enter a more rural part of South Maui, the Makena area. This place boasts two beautiful beaches: Big Beach and Little Beach. It is a kind of place many people conjure up when they imagine a perfect Hawaiian beach – beautiful and large, with practically no development on the horizon. Big Beach is a tremendous glistening stretch of fine sand and a premier sunset place with straight on views of Molokini and Kawoolawe. Little Beach is a secluded cove and is extremely popular among the nudes.

Maui Prince Hotel Photo

If you would like to relax at the beautiful golden sand beach of Hawaii with tranquil and quiet atmosphere, the Maui Prince Hotel is the right spot for you then. It is an ideal place if you are looking for a secluded runaway and where you will not be bothered with traffic, crowds and noise. Located at the end of the road and being far, far away from anything else on the island, you might feel as if you were at the very edge of the Earth. The Maui Prince Hotel rises among the scrubby kiawe and other greenery like a mirage on its 1,800 acres of natural land. It is encompassed by wild and noncrowded beaches and two excellent golf courses. Inside you will discover an atrium garden with koi-filled stream, and a simple clutter free décor in the interior.

Wailuku Pictures

Right at the mouth of the magnificent Iao Valley, lies Wailuku, a picturesque tropical town which lures the tourists from the whole world. Having an international acclamation for its charm and fabulous beauty, Wailuku is an excellent place to explore the nature of Hawaii. The Iao Valley State Park located just four miles West of Wailuku is crowned by a 2,250-foot rock pinnacle. This place used to be one of the old Hawaiian holy valleys and the Hawaiians would undertake pilgrimage there to honor their gods. It was known as an important political center of ancient Hawaii and was the scene of many battles.

Oahu Waikiki Hotels

Many people are drawn to the excitement of the Hawaiian island of Oahu, beautiful and diverse. Known as "The Gathering Place", it is the third largest of the Hawaiian Islands and the most populous one.

There are many luxurious hotels in Waikiki, but the oldest one that was built and opened in 1901, is Sheraton Moana Surf Rider, originally named as the Moana Hotel. "The First Lady" of Waikki has aged beautifully and gracefully, with its elegant interior that takes you back to the times of wealth, leisure and afternoon tea. Actually, you may still have afternoon tea there on Banyan veranda.

Waikiki Sheraton Royal Hawaiian

Waikiki is the place that is full of surprises. One of its hot destinations is the Royal Hawaiian Hotel, which is also known as the "Pink Place". This hotel, which is naturally painted pink, has become notorious as the playground for the rich and famous and even in the time of Depression it attracted royalty, presidents and other celebrities to its opulent accommodations. Since that time the hotel has been the icon of luxury and romance.

Kailua Picture

Kailua is a quintessential beach town which is blessed by two gorgeously beautiful beaches known all over the world. Steady offshore tradewinds make this place perfect for windsurfing, kayaking and other water sports. Here life revolves around the beach.

Kailua boasts two wonderful beaches – Kailua Beach and Lanikai Beach. Picture a perfect golden beach that stretches along the shore, generally safe with mostly calm ocean. The Kailua Bay is ideal for snorkeling, kayaking, windsurfing, kitesurfing, swimming, boogie boarding and sailing. If you add to this the bird sanctuary rising in the distance and a protective group of reefs, fringing the shore, you will have a vivid picture of this amazingly beautiful place.

Oahu Lanikai Oceanfront

Lanikai Beach is famous for its transparent turquoise water and a long stretch of powdery white sand beach. Its setting is really gorgeous with palm trees that rim the background and the magnificent view of nearby twin islands of Mokumanu and Mokukua drifting offshore in the distance. Lanikai means "heavenly sea" in Hawaiian and this name very precisely describes this wonderful place with its white sand beach and balmy breeze. Mokumanu and Mokukua are bird sanctuaries and are popular places for kayaking and boarding.

Oahu North Shore Beachfront

Oahu North Shore is rather a groovy place all year round, but it becomes extremely fascinating during the winter surfing season when surfers from around the world arrive here to compete in professional and amateur competitions. What really lure and attract them here is the great chances of catching an enormous wave and the prospect of winning a huge cash prize. If you add spectators to the mix, you will get a whole picture of the people who haunt this place.

Koolina Lagoons Pictures

If you are fond of snorkeling, you are sure to explore KoOlina Lagoons and you will definitely find a great number of tropical fish along the rock walls that form each of the four lagoons. You would rather start in the largest lagoon as it provides more space for water exploration and you have big chances to come across sea turtles there that tend to favor this very place.

Wonderful weather all year round, Hawaii mild gentle climate and gorgeously beautiful surroundings form the framework for a relaxing yet invigorating vacation experience. Find rejuvenation the splendor of Hawaii exciting nature.