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Sea World San Diego Dolphin

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SeaWorld San Diego

Sea World San Diego

A big attraction for great many visitors of San Diego, SeaWorld is the country’s premier showplace for marine life. At the very heart of this 165-acre multimillion-dollar aquatic theme park is the shoreside family entertainment center where dolphins, otters, sea lions, walruses and seals are real performers, with 30-minute shows which are run several times each through out the day.

The most popular show of the SeaWorld is the Shamu adventure with 4-ton black-and-white killer whales has functioned as the park’s mascot. It is performed in a 5,500-seat stadium on the stage of a 7-million-gallon pool which is lined with plexiglass walls offering magnifying views of these huge performers. Other popular performances include the slapstick Sea Lion and Otter Show, fast-paced Dolphin Show and Pet’s Playhouse. R.L.Stines Haunted Lighthouse, a “4-D” movie with Christopher Lloyd and Lea Thompson starring and a number of multysensory effects, has been shown since 2004 and become extremely popular.

Sea World San Diego Photos

SeaWorld also features a small collection of rides led by Journey To Atlantis, combining a roller coaster and log fume Atlantis mythology and a simulated earthquake. Ride a mythical rush through uncharted waters where mysterious mists and unpredictable drops lurk around every turn. Journey To Atlantis will twist you around serpentine turns, plunge you down eight stories of adrenaline-pumping exhilaration and drench you in mystery. Another popular ride is Shipwreck Rapids which is a splashy wet adventure ride on raftlike inner tubes through caverns, and wild rivers with waterfalls. Also popular is Wild Arctic which is a motion simulator helicopter trip to the frozen North.

Sea World San Diego Bears

But SeaWorld’s real specialty is carefully simulated marine environments like the arctic research station, surrounded by beluga whales and polar bears. Other animal environments worth visiting are Manatee Rescue, Shark Encounter and the Penguin Encounter. Forbidden Reef attraction offers visitors the opportunity not only to touch and feed California bat rays as they glide though the water, but also travel down under the waves and get face-to-face with moray eels, as well as take an up-close look at hundreds of these exotic creatures in their mysterious world of underwater caverns. The 2-are area called Shamu’s Happy Harbor offers everything for kids’ fun, including a pretend pirate ship with many netted towers, tube scrawls, slides and many other chances to get wet.

Sea World San Diego Photo

SeaWorld is best known as the home to pirouetting dolphins and the Dolphin Interaction Program providing the opportunity for people to meet bottlenose dolphins. The participants can actually wade waist deep and have plenty of time to stroke the animals and try giving them training commands. Trainer For a Day program involves a 7-hour work shift with an animal trainer, including food preparation, feeding and a training session with the dolphin.

Come celebrate the wonders of the sea at SeaWorld San Diego. Here you can have a lot of fun with seasonal events such as Summer Nights that sizzle with high-energy nighttime shows and fireworks. Feed and touch dolphins and bat rays, and get up-close to beluga whales, polar bears, sharks and penguins. Enjoy fascinating aquariums, sea turtles, manatees, and exotic birds from around the world. Create memories to last a lifetime.