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Just Added! Newport Beach Gondola Cruises Coupon Codes 2012

Newport Beach Gondola Cruises Water Bus

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Newport Beach Gondola Photo

Have you ever glided through the canals of Venice on a gondola, a universally-recognized symbol of romance, which is over 800 years old? If no, you won't even have to fly to Europe to experience all the romance synonymous with Italy. Here, in America, the beautiful bay and canals of Newport Beach offer romantic Venetian gondola cruises. Voted one of the best places to take a date, the picturesque Newport Bay is ideal for a romantic harbor cruise with exquisite gourmet lunch or dinner, served aboard your gondola.

Newport Beach Gondola Company Photo

Drift away aboard an elegant custom Venetian Gondola with someone you love, enjoying spectacular sunsets and stunningly beautiful coastal views lit by mysterious candlelight. Whether you just want to have an unforgettable date, birthday, or anniversary, or are going to surprise your sweetheart or propose a lifetime together in the most romantic way, the occasions for a gondola cruise are endless and the memories are forever.

Newport Beach Gondola Cruises Channel

Glide noiselessly over the waters of picturesque Newport Bay in a long, slender boat with elegant old-world curves and carvings, exactly like the renowned gondolas of Venice, guided by a charming gondolier in a striped shirt. Your gondolier will play background music and tell you the romantic history of the gondola. You will also experience the traditions and courtship rituals of centuries past. As public displays of affection were not acceptable in ancient Venice, lovers would ask the gondolier to go under as many bridges as possible, providing them a brief chance to steal a kiss. Discover romance at its finest. According to the tradition couples must kiss under every bridge and greet others in Italian as they pass by.

Newport Beach Gondola

Create a memory with someone special as you glide silently through beautiful Newport Beach onboard an authentic Venetian-built gondola, rowed in the traditional Venetian style by an authentic Venetian gondolier, born in Venice, Italy, who speaks in the Venetian dialect, sings in Italian, and comes from a family of gondoliers. Or cruise in one of the most luxurious crafts in the harbor, gorgeous, custom-built motorized gondolas. The handcrafted electric gondolas are canopied, fully enclosed, very private and can cruise the entire bay in two hours. From the glove-leather seats and the elegant canopy covers to the silent glide produced by the energy-efficient electric motors, these motorized gondolas do provide a bit more intimacy than the authentic gondola. They have a longer range and can show you more of the harbor, and they are a Newport Beach original. Warm up blankets and romantic Italian music complete the mood for the perfect romantic evening.

Newport Beach Gondola Cruises Pier

Treat yourselves to a gourmet four-course meal served on crystal, silver and china and catered by the Charthouse Restaurant while cruising in comfort, grace, and style, enjoying breathtaking coastal views. Toast the future with complimentary non-alcoholic champagne cooled in a silver champagne bucket.

Newport Beach Gondola Cruises Street

Elope in Newport! There are romantic gondola cruises available that include a beautiful bouquet for the bride, a boutonniere for the groom, and a gondolier-officiate to perform the ceremony. The gondolier will stop the gondola under a bridge and perform the ceremony, and then the newlyweds continue the cruise, toasting each other with the non-alcoholic champagne (or sparkling cider) and chocolates provided. You can choose among an authentic wedding gondola imported from Venice or a canopy-covered motorized gondola.

Newport Beach Gondola Company

Surprise your sweetheart with the intriguing and romantic "Message in a Bottle". Send a creative keepsake for the occasion and the cruise staff will transfer your special message over to parchment scroll paper using a "Calligraphy Style" font. The scroll is then rolled, tied with ribbon and placed in a clean, glass bottle which has been decorated for the occasion. During your cruise, the gondolier will inconspicuously place the bottle in the water. Naturally, out of curiosity to what's inside your sweetheart will unravel the scroll, and your message will touch her heart.