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Just Added! Newport Bay Coupon Codes 2012

Newport Bay Yacht Photos

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Newport Bay View

Located in the center of Orange County and enjoying about 340 days of sunshine every year, the city of Newport Beach is blessed with the largest pleasure boat harbor in the world. It is home to Newport Bay which houses more than 9,000 boats of all types within the 21-square-mile harbor area. Between the bay area and eight miles of the city beach, Newport Beach offers outstanding fishing, swimming, surfing, and a plethora of aquatic sports activities.

Newport Bay Pics

With a great variety of private ocean excursions ranging from deep-sea fishing and sailing to relaxing sunset cruises of the harbor, no wonder Newport Beach has become a truly unforgettable vacation destination. And no wonder many ultra-rich and famous have chosen Newport Beach as their dwelling place. In fact, Newport Beach contains seven islands with some of the most expensive real estate in Southern California. Homes costing $2 million and up are surrounded by one of the world's largest small yacht harbors. Balboa Island is the largest. Lido Isle with Lido Marina Village, shops, art galleries, boutiques and boardwalk cafes plus Little Balboa Island, Linda Isle, Collins Island, Harbor Island and Bay Island make up the man-made harbors and lands that rank among the most expensive in Orange County.

Newport Bay Yachts

When you look at all those steel-and-glass office towers that dominate the landscape along the freeway, it is hard to imagine that Newport Beach is indeed something of a recreational paradise. Boating, of course, is a primary activity in Newport Bay, one of the world's largest small-boat harbors. And you don't have to be a millionaire to rent a kayak for an hour or two to paddle around the picturesque bay. The beautiful Newport Bay is also ideal for a romantic gondola cruise with exquisite gourmet lunch or dinner, served aboard your gondola.

Newport Bay Channel Pics

Located in the heart of the historic Balboa Fun Zone waterfront, Marina Boat Rentals is home to the largest and most diverse boat rental fleet in Newport Bay. Here you can take a relaxing self-guided tour of the beautiful homes and yachts of the bay. Choose among five types of vessels available for rent, including gas-powered, electric or sail watercraft. Enjoy a healthy workout or restful cruise on a super-stable Cobra kayak, jump the ocean swells in a powerful runabout or put your sport fishing skills to the test in a top-of-the-line Boston Whaler. The opportunities for various boating activities available in Newport Bay are countless.

Newport Bay Yachts Photo

With seven picturesque islands and more than 10,000 boats and yachts, Newport Bay is considered to be the largest small craft harbor in the United States. Celebrity homes and abundant wildlife make it an attraction for all ages that is best seen from the water. Float past waterfront homes, each with their own boat dock, and listen to the gossip-column stories of today and yesterday. Learn who owns that enormous yacht, and how they made their money.

Newport Bay Boats

With more than 20 square miles of beautiful coastal area to explore, Newport Bay is worth making a complete trip around. You may bring your favorite food and beverage aboard and have a fantastic picnic on the water, or enjoy a quick break and a delicious meal at one of the many waterfront restaurants. It is fun, safe and easy to pilot your own boat in the bay. Besides, all bay rental boats are required not to exceed the 5mph maximum harbor speed limit. All guests are provided with detailed maps and are thoroughly briefed on the traffic rules as well as the safe operation of their boat. All boats are equipped with adult life vests and all children under twelve are fitted with vests prior to boarding.

Newport Bay Panorama

Soak up sunshine while moving gently through green waters of Newport Bay. Start exploring this rich in beauty area with the Upper Newport Bay Ecological Reserve. This 752-acre coastal wetland consists primarily of marshlands, small sandbars, salt flats and sheer cliffs. This part of Newport Bay has been left in its natural state to serve as a bird sanctuary and fishery habitat. An encircling pathway and a bike trail provide scenic vistas and quiet moments away from the usual hustle and bustle of Newport Harbor.

Newport Bay

Upper Newport Bay in Newport Beach is an estuary - a place where fresh and salt water meet and mix. In fact, it is one of only a few remaining estuaries in Southern California. Nearly 200 species of birds, including several endangered species, as well as numerous species of mammals, fish, other critters and native plants call the Bay home. Moreover, it is an important stopover for migrating birds on the Pacific Flyway and, commonly, up to 35,000 birds can be seen there at one time during the winter months. So this coastal wetland is renowned as one of the finest bird watching sites in North America.

Newport Bay Rusty Pelican

The Bay features abundant wildlife. It is home to six rare or endangered species: Light Footed Clapper Rail, Brown Pelican, Belding's Savannah Sparrow, Black Rail, Peregrine Falcon and California Least Tern. The Bay is home to one endangered plant species - Saltmarsh Bird's Beak. Considered to be a "critical estuary" habitat, Upper Newport Bay is one of the most pristine remaining estuaries in Southern California.

Newport Bay Drake

Upper Newport Bay Ecological Reserve is surrounded by Upper Newport Bay Nature Preserve and together they occupy approximately 1,000 acres of open space. The Nature Preserve is made up of the bluffs surrounding the Bay. Three sensitive species use the bluffs: the California Gnatcatcher, San Diego Cactus Wren, and Burrowing Owl. Two important plant communities are found on the bluffs - grasslands and coastal sage scrub.

Newport Bay Water Bus

Due to its close proximity to the 73 Freeway Upper Newport Bay is easily accessible to residents of Orange County and beyond. It is a very popular site and on weekends many people come here to hike, cycle, canoe, kayak, fish or simply enjoy nature.

Newport Bay Yacht Photo

Featuring wind blown bluffs, sandy beaches, rocky coves and numerous islands, Newport Harbor has been acclaimed as one of the finest small boat harbors in the world. In addition, Newport Harbor and its surrounding shoreline is a place of beauty and scenic wonder, with generous preserved open space, beautiful landscapes, picturesque nature trails and coastal splendor. As sentries against the encroaching sea stand two harbor jetties and more than 9,000 boats are berthed in this well protected harbor. Two main channels join and converge towards the harbor mouth. Quiet bay beaches line the channel while endless surf pounds the oceanfront. Recreational and commercial boats of all sized, from the smallest of rowboats to large luxury yachts, dot the waters near the harbor. Private homes, from beach houses to estates, follow the harbor contour. And finally, out from the harbor edge rise the towering buildings of the city of Newport Beach. With its wide, clean and well-maintained beaches, a yacht harbor full of beautiful boats anchored, bike path galore and country’s best shopping and dining, fascinating Newport Bay vacation awaits you!