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Laguna Coast Wilderness Park

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Laguna Coast Wilderness Park

Laguna Coast Wilderness Park Pictures

There is nothing better than a hike in the Laguna Coast Wilderness Park, with stunning Pacific Ocean as your backdrop. Once part of the Rancho San Joaquin, the Laguna coast Wilderness Park is now one of the last remaining coastal canyons in Southern California.

Laguna Coast Wilderness Park Picture

The park features California Coastal Sage Scrub, Maritime Chaparral, Oak woodlands, riparian habitats and Barbara’s Lake which is the only natural lake in Orange County. The park also offers a botanical preserve, interpretive hikes and a bird watcher’s paradise. Artists and photographs will love scenic Serrano Ridge vistas.

Laguna Coast Wilderness Park Flowers

The best single hike within the boundaries of the Laguna Coast Wilderness Park is surely the secluded Laguna Loop. Springtime wild flowers bloom in profusion along this stretch, cutting along East and North-facing slopes smothered in thick chaparral vegetation. This trail passes near the lip of a dramatic drop off, a seasonal waterfall of nearly 100 feet high.

Laguna Coast Wilderness Park Pics

During extraordinary wet winters the hikers can enjoy a spectacular sight of plunging water, but usually this spot features only a modest trickle. Past the lip of the fall, you will swing to the left side of the canyon bottom and emerge in a grassy meadow, which is either green or golden depending on the season. Cavernous sandstone outcrops poke out of the meadow on the left, with the shapes of some that resemble sculls and other grotesque figures.

Laguna Coast Wilderness Park Photos

The Laguna Coast Wilderness Park also features beautiful Barbara’s Lake, the larger of the two small lakes that constitute the only naturally formed inland bodies of water in all Orange County. It is shallow and has a small drainage area, but it is believed that the artesian springs on the lake bottom help keep it full all year round.

Laguna Coast Wilderness Park Photo

At Barbara’s Lake and elsewhere in the Laguna Coast Wilderness Park you may spot large plaques with original plain-air paintings by local artists. You can enjoy these pieces of art with ultraviolet-resistant coatings on keeping them from fading for over a number of years.