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Crystal Cove State Park Birds

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Crystal Cove State Park

Crystal Cove State Park Pics

A premier destination for both divers and bikers, the Crystal Cove State Park boasts a 3,5-mile of long, cliff-sheltered beach. Bird-watchers, beachcombers and hikers also find this stretch of coastline between Laguna Beach and Corona Del Mar to their liking. It also has become a center for Orange County cyclists.

Crystal Cove State Park Nature

It is a 1000 acre of underwater reserve and 2,400 acres of scrub and chaparral in the San Joaquin Hills. You can spot sandy coves, bluff-packed strands, tide pools on the beach. From atop the bluff the visitors can admire outstanding coastline scenery and watch the gray whales passing by in season.

Crystal Cove State Park

The park is a perfect place for joggers and mountain bikers who find here just the right sort of challenge and exercise when following the route. An especially nice trail travels through Moro Canyon, the main watershed of the park. An oak woodland, a seasonal stream and sand-stone caves fascinate the visitors here. Bird watchers can find the roadrunner, quail, Cooper’s hawk, wrentit and many other species here as well. Even thought the creek is often dry, Lower El Moro Canyon is quite wooded with sycamore and live oak.

Crystal Cove State Park Photos

After exploring inland part of the park, be sure to find time and visit its coastline, highlighted by grassy bluffs, sandy beaches, tidepools and coves.

A 3.2 mile beach hike travels most of the flat sandy beach of the park. When touring below a 50 foot bluff, you will stroll along mostly wild, seaweed-strewn beach, with rocks and cliffs having a layered, plate-like look. Low outcrops protrude above the surf as white-foamed crystalline waves curl to the shore. Don’t be surprised to run into egret as well as a multitude of shorebirds which are commonly seen along the beach and the harbor seals can often be seen passing by.

Crystal Cove State Park Photo

The offshore waters of the park are designated as underwater park and are a popular diving area. You can hardly find a better place for snorkeling and diving than the Crystal Cove State Park, with its incredible diversity of reefs, rocks, kelp-beds and open water species. All this makes the park one of the top diving area in California. Coralline algae, eel grass, sea cucumber, sea urchin, iridescent and camouflaged fish, and sand shark found in these waters attract not only a beginner but also an accomplished diver. The park is within the boundaries of the Irvine Coast Marine Life Refuge and all marine life is protected. When the surf is up, the visitors can enjoy clear water reef beaks.

Crystal Cove State Park Pictures

There is always something going on in the Crystal Cove State Park, including special events and diverse educational programs. There is a series of environmental, curriculum-based educational programs for schoolchildren and college students. Wildlife and Tidepools Galleries focus at all different plants and animals as well as tidepool critters living in the park.

Crystal Cove State Park House For Rent

Unbeatable location near Laguna Beach, a great variety of recreational opportunities offered in the park and diverse interactive education programs has made this place very popular among the residents and the guests of Southern California. Despite being so close to one of the greatest population centers in the United States, the Crystal Cove State Park makes the visitors feel they are “away from it all”. Come and restore your spirits and flex your muscles at the Crystal Cove State Park.