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Disneyland Southern California Adventure Park

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Disneyland Anaheim California Pooh

The West most famous theme park that bills itself as “The Happiest Place on Earth”, Disneyland and its nearby communities are, no doubt, kid central. Due to Disneyland Resort the quiet town of Anaheim with its sprawling suburbs has become a playground of family hotels and restaurants and, of course, unbeatable thrilling attractions.

Disney sister parks have sprung up all over the world, but there is still nothing to compare with the original. Disneyland has always been known as being the original and world’s first family oriented mega-theme parks. Recently opened Disney’s California Adventures, a second theme park, then a large shopping, dining and entertainment district Downtown Disney as well as a third on-site hotel Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel have also added to its appeal. They are also included into Disneyland Resort, reflecting an immense variety of entertainment options available here.

Disneyland Anaheim California

Disneyland is divided into several lands, each of which has a wide array of attractions related to the land’s theme. At the entrance you will come across Main Street U.S.A., a cinematic version of a turn-of-the-century small American town. Gift shops, candy stores, a soda fountain and a silent theatre all the time running early Mickey Mouse films line the white-washed Rockwellian fantasy. There is always something going on on Main Street, special shows and holiday events take place here.

Adventureland is home to some hot rides, inspired by the exotic countries of Africa, Asia, India and the South Pacific region. Here you can jump inside Tarzan’s Treehouse which is a climb-around attraction based on the animated film. Nearby is a Jungle Cruise, with passengers boarding an authentic looking Mississippi River paddleboat and drifting along the Amazon like river. Inside the Enchanted Tiki Room you can sit down and watch a 20 minute musical comedy with electronically animated tropical birds, flowers and “tiki gods”.

Disneyland Anaheim Southern California Pictures

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But the real star ride of Adventureland is the Indiana Jones Adventure, based on the Stephen Spielberg films. This ride takes the visitors into the Temple of Forbidden Eye and the adventurers can experience the perils of bubbling lava pits, fire-breathing snakes, falling bridges and the familiar cinematic tumbling boulder.

One of the most popular rides of New Orleans Square is the Pirates of the Caribbean, where visitors float on boats through underground caves, entering the enchanted world of buried treasures. New Orleans Square is also home to the Haunted Mansion, in which the dated effects are rather funny than scary.

Critter Country features Splashy Mountains which is one of the largest water flume rides in the world. Here the visitors float in log-shaped boats along the ride lined with about 100 characters that won’t stop singing.

Disneyland Southern California Adventure Park Picture

After dark be sure to see the FANTASMIC! show mixing magic, music, live performers and the sensational special effects. In this show Mickey Mouse appears and with the help of magical powers creates giant water fountains, enormous flowers and fantasy creatures. This spectacular show features plenty of pyrotechnics, lasers and fog, not to mention a 45-foot-tall dragon which breathes fire and sets the Rivers of America aflame.

Mickey’s Toontown is a colorful, whimsical land populated by cartoons characters and featuring several rides. Fantasyland offers to try the King Author Carousel, Dumbo the Flying Elephant Ride, Peter Pan’s Flight, Alice in Wonderland, Snow White Scary Adventures, Pinocchio’s Daring Journey and more.

Disneyland Southern California Adventure Park Pics

Next door to Disneyland, at Disney’s California Adventures, soar over California in a simulated hang glider tour or pump the adrenalin when riding The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror. Disneyland Park and Disney’s California Adventure Park face each other across the palm-sprinkled pedestrian plaza called the Esplanade. Being very young (just several years old) and quite small when compared with other theme parks, Disney’s California Adventure is a completely different theme park, celebrating almost all Californian through its unique rides, shows and attractions, so anything you might see or do here is somehow connected with state diverse culture and history.

California Adventure will provide a family with about a day’s worth of entertainment. The entranceway leads to the central hub from which you can get to any of the park’s theme areas. “Lands” at California Adventure are called districts and actually there are three of them. If you turn left at the hub, you will get to Hollywood Pictures Blacklot, celebrating the history of California as the film capital of the world. All other paths lead to the Golden State district of the park.

Disneyland California Adventure Park Attraction

Hollywood Pictures Blacklot is complete with soundstages, movable props and, naturally, a studio store. Here pay special attention to the forced-perspective mural at the end of the street looking like the street keeps going. The biggest attraction of the district is the 183 feet tall Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, which is a 13-story drop down an elevator chute in a haunted hotel. From the top floors of the tower you may catch a glimpse of stellar views of the Santa Ana Mountains if only for a few heart-pounding seconds.

Golden State area celebrates diversity and heritage of California which is divided into 6 mini areas that simulate the legendary Edwards Air Force Base, the Sierra Nevada Mountains, “salad bowel” agricultural areas of the state, Wine country, seaside fishing ports, and the San Francisco Bay area.

Condor Flats recognizes aerospace industry of the state. Here head first to Soaring Over California, a simulated hang glide tour, which is the hottest place in the whole park. This virtual ride using IMAX technology is sure to give you “bird-envy” while soaring over the most beautiful landscapes and sights, including the Golden Gate Bridge, Yosemite Falls and Disneyland itself. If you are eager to get wet, then think of taking Grizzly River Run down faux Sierra Nevada. In Golden State you can also learn how things are made, have a gourmet meal served with a flight of award-winning wines, or eat breakfast wit Ariel, the Little Mermaid.

Disneyland Southern California Adventure Park Attraction

The third and the largest area of California Adventure looks like a seaside amusement park having a “fun in the sun theme”. If you like rides, you are bound to love Paradise Pier and its state-of-the-art Rocking California Streaming. You will feel awesome as the beginning of this ride feels like you are being shot out of the cannon.

If you would like to get a bird-eye view of the park and picturesque landscapes, heat to Sun Wheel which is a giant Ferris wheel where gondolas pitch and yaw as the wheel makes its grand circuit. But, if you don’t want to have your gondola pitched and yawed, and prefer just to admire a 16-story view, ask to be seated in one of the stationary gondolas. In Paradise Pier you can also go mad on Malholland Drive, swim inside a giant orange or in a silver space ship, and drop through a colorful kelp forest. This area looks pretty magical at night will all the lights reflecting in the water.

Discover the magic of the Disney World and experience the fun and adventure at the Disneyland Resort, which offers thrilling attractions, nice accommodations and gourmet dining. The life is worth celebrating, celebrate it at Disney!