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Universal Studios Hollywood Picture

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Universal Studios Hollywood

Universal Studios Hollywood

Universal City is home to Universal Studios Hollywood. While the multi-million dollar empire of studios, shopping, entertainment and a theme park thrive today, this empire has been over 100 years in the making.

Universal is not only just one of the largest movies studious in the world but is also one of the biggest and the most popular attraction parks. It is a day of fun for everyone. From a Backlot Tramway Tour of actual stage sets for famous movies, to tapings, shows and live entertainment, this adventure is great for all ages.

Universal Studios Hollywood Photos

For those who want to have fun, take a backlot tour on a tram which is actually the biggest attraction of the Universal is the Studious Tour with sets from Psycho, King Kong, Jaws, Lost World and Earthquake. This is an hour long guided tram ride will give you a peek at the stars’ dressing rooms, production offices and back-lot sets, including the famous town square from "Back to the Future". Along the way, the tram encounters several staged "disasters". Surprises and thrills for children and adults include a re-creation of a modern subway station in which the earth suddenly collapses and traps you in a world of toppled telephone poles, power cables, train wrecks and frightening gases. A runaway big-rig truck crashes within inches of you and spills its "highly flammable" contents. While caught in the underground subway set, you face a flood! This is but one of the adventures in which you can enjoy the ride and be entertained.

Universal Studios Hollywood Photo

On “Back to the Future – the Ride”, you will take a seat in a mock time-traveling and thrust into exciting multimedia roller-coasting extravaganza. Its newest ride, called “The Revenge of the Mummy”, is a high-tech indoor roller-coaster featuring animatronics, motion picture technology and plenty of creeping Warrior Mummies. Virtual adventures at Terminator 2 3-D and Shreck 4-D also offer high tech fun utilizing giant screen technology and surprise special effects that hit all the senses. Animal lovers will admire the “Animal Planet Live!’ starring trained monkeys as well as other animals doing various tricks. It is all fun!

For those who don't enjoy tours but just need to stay with the group or family, you can spend your day around the piano bar of a City Walk restaurant drinking espresso coffee or microbrew beers. Joining the ranks of entertainment malls and venues, City Walk is Universal's answer to the trend of providing good food in a great atmosphere and supplying an abundance of merchandising carts and stores to browse about. Southern California weather is fantastic all year long. With only a few days of rain and mild temperatures in summer and winter, you may feel like staying outdoors. Enjoying nearly always perfect weather, these indoor and outdoor venues are allowing guests to shop and dine either in or outside.

Universal Studios Hollywood Pictures

What's interesting about this phenomenon is that founder Carl Laemmle figured it out over 80 years ago when people reportedly were charged a quarter for a box lunch and bleacher seat to watch his films being made. Today, guests dine on a variety of gourmet foods at restaurants in City Walk, buy different goods from the souvenir gift shops along the promenade and watch shows created specifically to entertain visitors as they ride on trolleys around the huge studios.

Carl Laemmle would be proud to visit his studio now, and find out that millions of people are interested in sharing the magic of fantasies created to entertain and sometimes even educate. On a clear day with blue sky, even the air is filled with excitement while thousands of cameras snap away, documenting the Universal experience.

Many great things have helped keep Universal on the top of the list as a theme park attraction, including public transportation made easy via the MTA North Hollywood Subway which will take you from North Hollywood to Universal City and onto Hollywood's Walk of Fame.