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Just Added! UCR - Riverside Botanical Gardens Coupon Codes 2012

UCR Riverside Botanical Gardens Flowers

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Riverside Botanical Gardens

UCR Riverside Botanical Gardens Pics

Nested at the foot of the Box Springs Mountains and on the East side of the University of California are the Riverside Botanical Gardens occupying 40 acres of hill land. It is a perfect holiday family getaway, giving the opportunity to enjoy the quiet and relaxing atmosphere while wandering along 4 miles of the Garden scenic trails or just sitting on a benching gazing the amazing floral beauty.

Riverside Botanical Gardens Pictures

A living plant museum with over 3500 plant species from all over the globe, the garden provides a wide assortment of plant materials not only for the nature courses taught at the university but also for various scientific research projects. Both the variable soil and subtropical climate forming different microclimates create favorable conditions for the notable diversity of the plantings. This abundance of vegetation creates a hospitable sanctuary for numerous wildlife and about 200 bird species have been observed here.

UCR Riverside Botanical Gardens Pictures

The Gardens feature Horticultural Collections which includes Alder Canyon with California native riparian trees under-planted with azaleas, camellias, hydrangeas and ferns, Herb Garden filled with aromatic, culinary, dye and medicinal plants from around the world; then Rose Garden, Cactus Garden, Iris Garden, Lilac Lane and Subtropical Fruit Orchard Featuring citrus, guavas, sapotes, avocados, macadamia nuts and many other subtropical fruit trees for demonstration and trial.

UCR Riverside Botanical Gardens

The Geographical Collections of the Gardens offer South African Garden featuring aloes, iceplants, naked ladies, and South African wildflowers in season. An extensive collection of Southwest U.S. desert plants emphasizes those native to the Mojave and Colorado Deserts.

UCR Riverside Botanical Gardens Picture

Sierra Foothills Section focuses at Chaparral and Foothill Pine Woodland plants such as foothill pine, mountain mahogany, California buckeye, fremontia, sumacs and yuccas. Australian Section specializes in eucalyptus, bottlebrushes, melaleucas, grevilleas and acacias.

Riverside Botanical Gardens Flowers

A selection of trees and shrubs from temperate China and the Eastern U.S. including paper mulberry, dawn redwood, golden rain tree, liquidamber and maples are presented in Temperete Decidious Forest Section of the Gardens.

UCR Riverside Botanical Gardens Tortoises

Besides more than 200 species of birds officially observed at the Gardens, the visitors can run into a number of mammals, reptiles and amphibians when strolling along the trails of the gardens. Most of the mammals found within the Gardens boundaries are nocturnal and are not likely to be seen during the day visit. They are the Audubon cottontail, Beechey or California ground squirrel, Botta pocket gopher, coyote, gray fox, kangaroo rat, opossum, pack rat and other rodents, and striped and spotted skunks. Occasionally, bobcats have been sighted.

Riverside Botanical Gardens

Many reptiles may be observed at the Gardens as well. You can often spot the Western fence lizard, alligator lizard and granite spiny lizard sunning themselves on ledges beside the paths. The California legless lizard, side-blotched lizard, western skink, orange-throated whiptail and western whiptail might also be seen. Other reptiles to be found in the Gardens include a number of snakes: the California king snake, gopher snake, night snake, red diamond rattlesnake, red racer, ringneck snake, rosy boa and western blind snake.

UCR Riverside Botanical Gardens Photos

Some of the amphibians you might see include the slender salamander, Pacific tree frog, bullfrog and the western toad.

Insects and spiders abound at the Gardens! You may see the display of common insects at the entrance Gatehouse.

Come and enjoy this wonderful splendor of nature!