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Just Added! Orange Gardens - California Historic Citrus Park Coupon Codes 2012

California Historic Citrus Park Photo

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California Historic Citrus Park

California Historic Citrus Park Photos

Located Southwest Riverside, California State Historic Citrus Park is reminiscent of 1900s city park, radiating charm and a sense of community. The park features an activity center, interpretive structure, amphitheater, picnic area, and demonstration groves. The land contained within the park still continues to produce high-quality fruits.

California Historic Citrus Park Pics

Its attractive grounds are especially appealing to the wedding parties with its sweeping lawns, floral landscapes, swaying in the summer breeze towering palms and eucalyptus trees, arbors and gazebos, wide walks.

A brightly colored stand welcomes to the California State Historic Citrus Park, telling what impact the growing of citrus trees had on landscape, culture and public perception of Southern California.

Orange Gardens Citrus Guide

The park boasts about 180 acres under cultivation by a nonprofit organization and is the place where Navel oranges, Valencia oranges, lemons and grapefruit are grown. Explore interpretive groves and displays as well as active citrus-producing orchards rimming the park. When the trees are blooming, sweet aroma pervades all the nearby area.

Orange Gardens Photo

Be sure not to miss the park visitor center which resembles a packing house and features exhibits telling the history of the citrus industry development in the area. The visitor center houses exhibits including shipping box labels, pictorial panels and industry artifacts.

California Historic Citrus Park Picture

The admirers of arts and crafts will be excited by the Sunkist Center and what is often called "the park within the park". Visitors can stroll through an old-fashioned park designed in a Craftsman/California bungalow motif of the first two decades of the twenties century. Landscape designers of that period created gentle paths for strolling, sites for children to play and great many picnic grounds. The guests may spot antique citrus grove equipment displayed in the park. All this make the center a quiet place to relax and restore one’s spirits.

Orange Gardens Photos

There is an intriguing interpretive path as well as many other trails that lead past the citrus groves. A short trail leaves the picnic area to top a small knoll overlooking the citrus scene and offering magnificent views of the San Gabriel Mountains and the San Bernardino Mountains.

During the tour along the park the visitors will learn about the introduction of the orange to Southern California and visit the Varietal Collection that numbers more than 100 species of citrus trees, including California commercial export species and exotics from the whole world.

Orange Gardens Picture

The guide will also help the hikers learn about three essentials of successful citrus production which constitute good soil, favorable climate and water. In rain challenges Southern California irrigation is indispensable part of citrus growing and the interpretive path offers a good look at the Gage Canal, a 20 mile waterway that tapped the Santa Ana River in San Bernardino and brought water to the groves that are now a part of the park.

Orange Gardens Pics

Preserving some of the rapidly vanishing cultural landscape of citrus industry, California State Historic Citrus Park welcomes its visitors to return to the times when “Citrus was King” in California.