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Fort Bragg

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A precious gem of Mendocino, Fort Bragg is known for a beautiful natural setting and a rich cultural life. Fort Bragg is appealing for visitors due to plenty of attractions that can keep the vacationers busy for day, including a beach covered in glass, a historical steam train, one of the few botanical gardens fronting on the ocean, easy access to giant redwoods and a working fishing harbor.

One of the most unique beaches in the world, Glass Beach is not what nature created that way, but what time and pounding surf have done to correct one of man’s mistakes. In fact, since 1949, the area around Glass Beach became a public dump. It is hard to believe these days, but back then people dumped all kinds of refuse straight into the ocean, including old cars, and their household garbage, which of course included lots of glass. By the early sixties, some attempts were made to control what was dumped, and dumping of any toxic items was banned. Finally in 1967, the North Coast Water Quality Board realized what a mistake it was and banned throwing wastes into the ocean. Now, over 30 years later, you can see what the years of pounding wave action have deposited onto the beach – millions of pieces of polished glass sparkling in the sun.

At Glass Beach you can also explore a very interesting array of tide pools, with crabs, mollusks, and many aquatic plants that made their homes in these ever changing environments. It is very easy to spend the whole day poking around the watching those busy little worlds that go on inside each one.

One of the largest tourist attractions of the North Coast, vintage Skunk Train takes the visitors on a scenic route through the magnificent redwoods forest. It crosses 31 bridges and trestles, cuts through two deep tunnels and chugs past giant trees that are more than 1,000 years old and finally reaches a secluded forested glen which you can get to only by train. Built to transport log, the Skunk Trail Line was originally used for moving massive redwoods logs from the rugged back country to the Mendocino coast sawmills. The train runs daily from the Fort Bragg Depot at the foot of Laurel Avenue from March to November, and on Saturdays December through February.

Fort Bragg is also home of the Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens, about 7 miles North of Mendocino. Set among the pines along the coast, this cliff-top public garden features rhododendrons, fuchsias, azaleas, and a bounty of flowering shrubs. The garden area also has bridges, streams, canyons, dells, picnic areas and trails for easy walking.

Fort Bragg features an easy access to magnificent ancient Redwoods. There are 13 Redwood parks in Mendocino County, and some of them are just a short drive from Fort Bragg. Located right in Fort Bragg, at the east end of Laurel Street is Otis R. Johnson Wilderness Park, which offers shady walking trails and a close-up experience with redwoods and other nature. Less than an hour from Fort Bragg is Hendy Woods State Park that features two virgin Redwood groves.

In addition to experiencing the giant trees, in Fort Bragg you may also walk through the Pygmy Forest, stunted trees and shrubs caused by a complex ecological condition associated with underlying wave terraces and their unusual soils. The poor soil fertility and wetness restricts the growth of vegetation and induces a dwarf condition. Though short, the trees in the Pygmy Forest can be hundreds of years old.

Jug Handle State Reserve features a 2.5 mile nature trail called the Ecological Staircase which explores five wave-cut terraces formed by glacier, sea and tectonic activity that built the coast range. Each of the terraces was uplifted from sea level about 100,000 years before the one below it. Plants of each terrace represent a more advanced stage, showing what the next lower terrace may look like in the next 100,000 years. The lowest terrace consists of prairie, the second one is covered with pines and the third supports a unique pygmy forest with knee-high trees which are several decades old.

Fort Bragg, with its mild coastal climate, offers a huge variety of outdoor adventures. There is fun for everyone whether your interests include extreme water sports, romantic strolls, wildlife viewing, cycling, horseback riding, tide pooling, sport fishing, or family outings with kids and pets.

Fort Bragg is the sports and fishing hub. South of town is Noyo Fishing Center, a good place to buy a tackle and the best source of information on local fishing boats. You may have a voyage aboard the party boas or take a wale-watching tour. Lost Coast Kayaking, in Van Damme State Park, offers guided kayak tours of the multitude of sea caves on the coast and provides all the necessary equipment.

3 miles North from Fort Bragg, MacKerricher State Park offers tremendous opportunities for biking, hiking and horseback riding. This 1,700-acre park features 142 campsites and 8 miles of picturesque shoreline. The 8-mile long old logging road called “Haul Road” is the most popular among hikers and bikers due to its fine ocean vistas all the way. You can also watch harbor seals from Laguna Point Seal Watching Station of the park.

Fort Bragg has a thriving cultural life which includes fine art galleries, historical and off-beat museums, and performing arts in both theater and music. There is also nightly live music at the coffee house, impromptu music at a local restaurant, and dancing at a roadhouse just down the road. And the first Friday of every month, downtown galleries and shops throw open their doors for an evening stroll where you can meet the artists, and enjoy art, snacks, wine and live music.