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Just Added! Inyo National Forest Campground Coupon Codes 2012

Inyo National Forest Campground House

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Inyo National Forest Campground Photos

Famous for its clean air, crystal blue skies, mountain lakes and streams, challenging trails, high mountain peaks, and breathtaking views, the Inyo National Forest located in beautiful Eastern Sierra offers picturesque nature setting perfect for camping, picnicking, hiking and backpacking. Occupying a huge territory of over two million acres, the Inyo National Forest is home to many natural wonders, including Mt. Whitney, Mono Lake, Mammoth Lakes Basin, and the Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest.

A place of spectacular beauty and magnificent solitude, the Inyo National Forest is picturesque and diverse. Its every trail has a unique character, challenging for a new adventure. The Inyo National Forest features a number of small, but attractive campgrounds ideal for long stays and many outdoor pursuits. At the Southern end of the Inyo, at 10,000 feet, are Horseshoe Meadows, with crisp summer nights and warm days, that boasts an extensive trail system and great camping locations for car and tent camping enthusiasts. The walk-in campground of Cottonwood Lakes and Equestrian campground provide a great staging area for exploring the Golden Trout Wilderness or just enjoying the quiet beauty of this remote place.

Inyo National Forest Campground Countre

The next canyon northward leads to the highest peak in the continental United States, Mt. Whitney, and several campgrounds. The Trailhead campground is a staging area for hikers, while nearby Whitney Portal Family campground is used more by recreational vehicle and motor home camping enthusiasts. There is a small trout pond too. At the base of Mt. Whitney is Lone Pine campground offering the best RV and motor home camping with warmer temperatures and good creek trout fishing.

The Northern part of the Inyo has even more wonders of nature and many pleasant camping locations to offer. On the way to Yosemite National Park are Sawmill Walk-in and Tioga Lake camping locations. Sawmill Walk-in is truly a walk in campground that stretches along a ridge above Sawmill Valley and Lee Vining Creek. Tioga Lake campground, just outside the Eastern entrance of Yosemite National Park and near little Tioga Lake, is one of the prettiest little campgrounds around. Nearby, for those who aren't interested in visiting Yosemite but are looking for great hiking, there is beautiful Saddlebag Lake campground, the highest drive-in campground in the state. At 10,000 feet, along Saddlebag Lake and near Lee Vining Creek, it is a good place to stay a while, or you can head out from here into the wilderness with a backpack. About 9 miles West of Lee Vining is Ellery Lake Campground at scenic Ellery Lake. Junction Campground is near Ellery and Tioga lakes, with easy access to Tioga Tarns Nature Trail.

Inyo National Forest Campground Picture

Different from the rest of Inyo National Forest, the Mammoth Lakes area, famous for its winter time recreation, offers outstanding summer camping, hiking, mountain biking, and fishing opportunities. In the community of Mammoth Lakes are Old and New Shady Rest campgrounds. Further away, more rustic in setting, and near different lakes, are Twin Lakes, Lake Mary, Lake George, and others. Even the drive to these campgrounds, with views of the distant Crowley Lake, is very beautiful and is special as the campgrounds themselves.

Another unique place to visit is the Reds Meadow area with its five campgrounds and Devil's Postpile National Monument right in the middle. Entering Reds Meadow area you step into another world. Reds Meadow area is a special place, with the San Joaquin River and a couple of lakes, a valley full of cottonwood, aspen, and pine groves, wide meadows of wild-flowers, John Muir trail, and the quaint Reds Meadow Pack Station and Resort.

Inyo National Forest Campground

Another must place to explore the surreal beauty is Inyo Mono Lake Scenic Area, not to mention gorgeously beautiful environment in the Big Pine Canyon, Bishop Creek, and Rock Creek Canyon areas. Stretching for 165 miles along the East side of the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range, in the vicinity of the barren Death Valley and dusty Owen Valley, the Inyo National Forest has so much to offer, so much to see and so much to enjoy. Meaning "the dwelling place of the great spirit", the Inyo National Forest is the perfect place to have your body and spirit revitalized.