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Just Added! Arizona Coupon Codes 2012

Arizona Photos

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The Grand Canyon, famed red rocks of Sedona, lush forested mountains near Flagstaff, blue waters of Lake Powell and sandstone spires of Monument Valley are just some of the natural wonders that await you in Northern Arizona.

Enigmatic landscapes of the Grand Canyon State captivate the imagination and capture the soul. Here, the magnificent Grand Canyon slashes its colorful course across 277 miles, the cobalt-blue waters of Lake Powell mark a stunning contrast against the sandstone shoreline, and the flourishing lush forests of the San Francisco Peaks seem to scrape the skies.

For unforgettable impressions take a trip along the Grand Canyon Railroad offering a ride into the past. Today the train steams along providing not only environmentally sound transportation but also a trip back in time. Beautiful vintage cars of the train are staffed by conductors in railroad uniforms for a trip back into the last century. Each car features entertainers who sing, joke, strum guitars or play other instruments and tell terrific tales. There is also onboard snack service and, of course, a gift shop. About midway through the trip, there is a staged train robbery starring "robbers" and the "marshal" who arrests them. In winter, the Polar Express runs, complete with hot cocoa and Santa Claus. Offering six classes of service, The Grand Canyon Railway journey can be a luxury indulgence, an economical experience or something in between. Isn’t it an ideal way to experience paradise!

The Monument Valley Tribal Park, lying entirely within the Navajo Indian Reservation, preserves one of the most stunning landscapes on earth – a large collection of striking spires, mesas and sandstone buttes. Shrubs, trees and sand surround these formations, providing deep contrasts of color along with the usual clear blue sky. The towering formations of the park range in height from 400 to 1,000 feet and bear names such as West Mitten Butte, Ear of the Wind, and The Totem Pole. The view from the road is spectacular, but if you want to delve deeper into the valley you can go on a Navajo-guided jeep tour to view natural landmarks that most visitors miss. The park’s visitor center features exhibits about the history of the area, the Navajo Nation and the Navajo code talkers. It also features a souvenir shop, restroom facilities, and a restaurant during the summer. One mile before the visitor center, native Navajo vendors sell arts, crafts, and souvenirs at various roadside stands.

In addition to beautiful scenery, Northern Arizona also offers the excitement of traveling the “Mother Road”, Route 66, the opportunity to explore Native American cultures, interesting local artwork and delicious regional cuisine.

Arizona is also home to one of the most well-preserved meteorite impact sites in the world. The Barringer Meteorite Crater, which is better known simply as "Meteor Crater", is a gigantic hole in the middle of the high plains of the Colorado Plateau, about 25 miles West of Winslow. A rim of smashed and jumbled boulders, some of them the size of small houses, rises 150 feet above the level of the surrounding plain. The crater itself is nearly a mile wide, and 570 feet deep.

Arizona Photo

Phoenix, capital city of Arizona, combines with the surrounding cities of Chandler, Glendale, Mesa, Paradise Valley, Scottsdale and Tempe, among other cities, to form the Valley of the Sun, a rich mecca of diverse experiences. Central Arizona desert is home to the Phoenix-metropolitan area that amazes with a variety of experiences, ranging from world-class resorts, spas, outstanding shopping and golf courses, to renowned restaurants and a vibrant nightlife. The metropolitan area has to offer the visitors all the wonderful experiences you would expect to find in a major city set against the breathtaking backdrop of the Sonoran Desert.

In addition, the region also boasts rich cultural life that includes fantastic museums and galleries. Enjoying more than 300 days of sunshine each year, Central Arizona offers a wide array of sports events, Old West and Native American history, hiking and other outdoor activities.

Enjoy the cool temperatures of Ponderosa pine forests, a necklace of lakes and mountain retreats that welcome visitors. Although Arizona is often associated with desert retreats for snow-weary visitors, four seasons of recreation and entertainment in the North-Central region allow wonderful getaways to the cool, pine-scented forests perfect for hiking, biking and horseback riding along green tree-shaded mountain trails. In the summer, travelers are welcomed to enjoy rodeos and festivals. In the fall, the aspen leaves turn red and yellow, and in winter, high above the cactus-studded desert, residents and travelers alike can revel in the snowy wonderland of the White Mountains. Visitors to the area can also satisfy their thirst for new experiences by exploring the Old West and Native American cultures, Prescott's famed Whiskey Row, Jerome's burgeoning artist community, a plethora or historic sites and delicious local cuisine.

Replete with natural wonders, history and culture, Southern Arizona has been romancing visitors with its Old West charm for decades. The most populous city of the region, Tucson is a thriving metropolis with luxurious golf courses and resorts, a flourishing art and history scene and vivid multi-cultural heritage. With Old West towns and guest ranches, the region makes a perfect Arizona getaway for visitors who want to return to the past. And, for those with an eye to the sky, the area offers a variety of astronomical observatories which study everything from our closest star, the sun, to all the stars beyond. Birdwatchers admire these sites as well, as rich riparian areas of Southern Arizona and rugged mountain ranges are ranked as one of the world's best birding sites. Visitors to the region can also indulge in Arizona-made wine, regional cuisine and explore a variety of natural treasures which can not be seen elsewhere in the world.

Come and sail away in a place that blends pleasant desert sunshine with the cool blue waters of the Colorado River. Along Arizona West Coast shoreline, visitors will find vibrant communities filled with fascinating museums and attractions, water-based activities galore, and natural wonders and habitats protecting the wildlife that proliferates along the river. The region also features a variety of Native American communities, the London Bridge, world-class golf courses and upscale restaurants.